Flat Stanley


I’m Flat Stanley and I went to Hastings, Michigan, to visit my Uncle Jim.

When I first got there, the Fairies of the house came to make sure I didn’t bring any Woodland Magic into the house that didn’t belong.

01 Fairies

After that, the house Dragons checked me for any evil Fire Magic. No fires allowed in the house.

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The Sad Little Princess

I composed this short piano solo with a particular student in mind. It is in the musical form of a rondo (A – B – A – C – A). I’ve done some reevaluating of my style and how I go about things and this is the result. If you’d like to listen to this two-minute piece just click the play button immediately below.


If anyone wants the score in PDF format, let me know. I’ve given it to a couple people so I had to rush out this recording for reference on how I think it should be played.

Music Theory – 0033

This might be the last round of this series, but not the last round of this type of material. I have been thinking about how this has all been going down and I’m not entirely happy with it. I would rather start from the beginning and teach musicianship along with online piano lessons. This would entail learning to read music, play piano, sight sing, understand how music works, and writing music. It is of great value to poke at a physical instrument and it is of great value to be able to look at a piece of music and be able to hear it in your head directly. All these things should be taught together and should be taught from the very beginning.  Continue reading

Music Theory – 0029

Office Keyboard

Yup, there’s the keyboard(s) in my office, the one you’ll hear today. Note the tripod with the tiny webcam on top. Not the ideal situation but I just ordered a “real” video camera yesterday. That tripod would seriously be in the way if I were using the upper end of the keyboard. For performing in the future I hope to use my other keyboard stationed in the living room. We can take today’s video as a lesson in why not to use a webcam for motion video. Continue reading

Music Theory – 00016

We’re continuing today with last time’s Chord Progression. I have provided the entire Bass Line this time so you can just focus on the melody. It would be best if you started a new project to work with this and I’ll have to do a little bit of explaining to show you how to add the sustain pedal effect. Continue reading

Music Theory – 0012

We’re going to play with the C Major Chord today and also with the C Major Scale. It helps to know that your melody stays strictly with the notes of the scale of the key you are in unless you are intentionally doing something fancy. Finding the right note is easier if your search is limited to some instead of all the notes. Your ear will take you there if there are not too many options. Continue reading

Music Theory – 0004

In the first two articles I gave you the slightest glimpse that there is an ocean out there somewhere. Yesterday in the third I had you step ankle deep in that water. While I did get one very positive feedback I’m wondering if it was too difficult for some. The water was unexpectedly cold and there were fish swimming around your feet. Scary! Today I want to step back to simpler things and work with that mental exercise I’ve had you working on and apply it to the musical staff. Anything we cover you can go back to NotePad and enter the notes and listen to what it sounds like. You should do this with every example I show from here on out so you can then play it back and listen, and when I very specifically want you to use NotePad because it is particularly important, I will tell you. Tend to use the piano sound. Continue reading