Flat Stanley


I’m Flat Stanley and I went to Hastings, Michigan, to visit my Uncle Jim.

When I first got there, the Fairies of the house came to make sure I didn’t bring any Woodland Magic into the house that didn’t belong.

01 Fairies

After that, the house Dragons checked me for any evil Fire Magic. No fires allowed in the house.

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The Composer Arranger 03

Oh boy. Major problems trying to understand what is going on here after reading the first 21 pages. It feels like the author is trying to say everything at once in a rather disorganized manner jumping wildly from topic to topic and intellectualizing and abstracting what should be rather simple ideas about overall form. Add to that British terms like “quaver” instead of eighth note and “crochet” instead of quarter note and the level of difficulty in reading is further increased. While I do indeed understand every sentence, this jumping around all over the place and the confusing diagrams that only the author could love make for a tedious read (I do understand the diagrams but they don’t really work as intended). I’m 7% through and honestly don’t want to continue even though the subject matter is something I am very much interested in.

Let me take a stab at describing “form” while describing poetry and see if I can do a decent job of it. This is bound to be a lot harder than it seems. Continue reading

The Composer Arranger 02

As you might remember from last time I bought John Morton’s book “the composer/arranger” and went on a playful tirade about how it was not available in e-book format. That really is a complaint but let’s not dwell on it. Let’s instead dive into the introduction to see where we might be going with this book. Continue reading

Lego Keyboard Stand


I tried and tried to find a tilted desktop stand for my music keyboard so that it would sit at a comfortable angle while writing music at my computer. The desk table is too high for comfortable playing with the keyboard laying flat. Either my elbows needed to be abnormally high or the keys needed to be tilted back toward me at nearly a forty-five degree angle. Sitting at my desk I need to play like I have Godzilla arms if the experience is to be comfortable. I’ve been at a loss to find a solution for a very long time and I finally decided to get a bunch of lego blocks to see if I could prototype a solution. As it turned out, the prototype is good enough as a final solution. Pictures and brief descriptions follow. Continue reading

Music Theory – 0026

Here’s another video experiment. This time I tried both capturing my image with my webcam while recording my voice with my separate microphone. At the same time I was capturing the computer screen and the computer’s internal audio. A friend that has been following the music theory blogs sent me a song, or part of a song, he and his little boy wrote together and I use this today to demonstrate how to enter and then edit a song in NotePad. The video is twelve minutes and 40 seconds long and I won’t be doing that again any time soon. 136 Meg is too large of a file to be posting directly on my blog since there is a limited amount of space I am allowed. Those who don’t need help could jump forward if they are curious to see the end result. I keep it simple. Continue reading