OS X 10.10.3 Update – What a Scare!


This post is for my Apple Trove followers, Apple users in general, and maybe Apple haters. The rest can follow along out of morbid curiosity or maybe to see how I trouble shot a problem I had with my computer after updating it’s operating system to the latest and greatest upgrade on the first day of release. Continue reading

Get Rid of in-app Ads

No Ads

Here’s a quick tip for my Apple Trove followers.

I heard you can get rid of in-app ads by turning on Airplane mode on your iPhone. All you have to do is swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone to access the Control Center, tap on the airplane icon, and then streamed ads can no longer reach your iPhone! I’ve tried this with several apps and it works like a charm. The apps work and there are no ads popping up.

There are downsides to this, like not being able to receive phone calls, texts, and other online services. But why should the world be allowed to disturb your game, right? Just don’t forget to switch Airplane Mode back off when you’re done!

What about morals? OK, if you really use an app a lot and there is a cheap option to get rid of the ads then give them a buck.

Meanwhile, if you are willing to disconnect yourself from planet Earth, there is a way to get rid of those pesky ads.



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Toilets and iPhones Don’t Mix

ToiletTextingYeah, I managed to do it. I was in the bathroom, leaned forward for something, and my iPhone 5 dove out of my shirt pocket and did a 1 1/2 flip with a full twist right into the toilet. No splash, perfect ten. It was only in there for a second or two before I deftly snatched it out and wiped the exterior with a towel. We put it in a baggie with rice, sealed it up, and waited a couple days.
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Which Computer and Phone?

ComputerChoiceI’ve made a video describing a certain logic to follow when selecting which computer and smartphone you should purchase. My logic is based on my assumption that a company will tailor their software to work best on their own hardware. Given that, I narrow things down to one of three companies and a pair of devices to best suit the common user based on common types of needs. This really makes it easy to narrow down a seemingly endless number of possibilities into one of three options. If you find all of this stuff confusing, I hope this helps sort it out. A ten minute easy-to-watch video follows. Continue reading