Piano Lessons

Jim charges $20 per half-hour lesson in his home with the first lesson free as a mutual evaluation process.  He dabbles with video Skype lessons but finds the direct in-person experience to be best.  If you are talented and highly motivated the price is negotiable; however, Jim will not pay you to come for lessons.  A line must be drawn somewhere.

Lesson time and length is flexible and you will not be charged extra if we are having fun doing music and we go over the half hour. I do not schedule students back-to-back. Cancellations are an easy phone call away, things come up.

I use the John Thompson series of books as a foundation from which to work from. Those books are:

  • NoteSpeller
  • Teaching Little Fingers to Play
  • John Thompson’s Modern Course for the Piano, Grades 1-5

I do not charge for these books or any other music I choose to provide. You can also bring your own but it is not necessary.

This series of books take you from absolute beginner through moderately advanced classical piano pieces. I use this as a base from which to work from because it covers everything by adding one new thing each page. You are free to just buy the books and try to make a go of it on your own, but a competent teacher will make it go much easier.

I also write custom music and exercises for you to learn from and I’ll take you in whatever direction you want to go. We can explore song writing, theory, recording, and any sort of music you want to learn how to play.

If you are interested you can leave a comment here (it won’t be posted), or you can go to Google Maps and enter “Jim’s Piano Lessons” in the search field. Hastings, Michigan should be visible on the map before you do that search.

5 thoughts on “Piano Lessons

    • These are awesome MIDI visualizations, and so are your others. People should go and not just look at these but others because the method of visual rendering are all different styles in the different pieces. I am so very very impressed!

      • I chose to support these works on my blog. This is not him making some kind of tacit proclamation for using the “music videos” as any sort of teaching tool and that was never the intent. I like them and I provided a link so others could enjoy them as well. That’s it.

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