Music Players

The music players in the right hand column contain music recorded and performed myself. I will explain further by describing each category:

The Latest: This player will always hold a single piece of music, the most recent I have posted.

Songs: These are all full-length songs either written by myself or a friend in collaboration. Originals.

Impressions: These are shorter musical ideas that are complete but not long enough to be considered full-length songs. They are typically 30 to 60 seconds in length.

Covers: Mostly these will be public-domain pieces such as classical music. Bottom line, no one performing composed the music although the parts can be completely original to the performer; for example, Gesu Bambino is entirely my own arrangement and performance, the Minute Waltz is performed by myself as written by Chopin.

If you are curious about a particular piece of music, enter its name in the search field and the blog entry will appear describing it.

– – –

There can be problems using these players. They are javascript and unfortunately not all systems and all browsers render java the same way although they are supposed to. As such if you are having problems then updating your java or changing browsers can make a remarkable difference, as can using a different device.

One thing that has always worked for me is quitting my browser — not merely closing a window or reloading the page — and then restarting the browser.

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