Bird Song

Bird Song

I was asked on Facebook what music these birds are trying to convey, assuming the above is a musical staff. Hmmm. A three line staff with no clef, key signature, time signature, or bar lines. To the internet!
We now have Do, Mi, and Sol, for the three lines, given the reference above. For rhythm I’m reading from left to right using relative positions. To keep it easy, there is an anacrusis with an opening 8th note after which we’ll immediately insert a bar line, followed by four quarter notes, ending with two more 8th notes at the end.
So, I’m using the bottom three lines of the “regular” treble-clef musical staff so that Do, Mi, and Sol are correctly used on those lines. Here’s a brief movie that you can both view and hear:


Flat Stanley


I’m Flat Stanley and I went to Hastings, Michigan, to visit my Uncle Jim.

When I first got there, the Fairies of the house came to make sure I didn’t bring any Woodland Magic into the house that didn’t belong.

01 Fairies

After that, the house Dragons checked me for any evil Fire Magic. No fires allowed in the house.

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OS X 10.10.3 Update – What a Scare!


This post is for my Apple Trove followers, Apple users in general, and maybe Apple haters. The rest can follow along out of morbid curiosity or maybe to see how I trouble shot a problem I had with my computer after updating it’s operating system to the latest and greatest upgrade on the first day of release. Continue reading

Get Rid of in-app Ads

No Ads

Here’s a quick tip for my Apple Trove followers.

I heard you can get rid of in-app ads by turning on Airplane mode on your iPhone. All you have to do is swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone to access the Control Center, tap on the airplane icon, and then streamed ads can no longer reach your iPhone! I’ve tried this with several apps and it works like a charm. The apps work and there are no ads popping up.

There are downsides to this, like not being able to receive phone calls, texts, and other online services. But why should the world be allowed to disturb your game, right? Just don’t forget to switch Airplane Mode back off when you’re done!

What about morals? OK, if you really use an app a lot and there is a cheap option to get rid of the ads then give them a buck.

Meanwhile, if you are willing to disconnect yourself from planet Earth, there is a way to get rid of those pesky ads.

I am not Charlie

If I knew of a person or group that was so sensitive about a certain thing that they have in the past gotten murderously violent about it and that they have a known agenda to do so again, I would not tempt them by flaunting that certain thing. This happened with a French publication very recently and, surprise surprise, people got killed.

Militant Fundamentalist Muslims are more than just sensitive about images of Mohammed. Who knew? Everyone, that’s who.

Don’t misunderstand me, I do think the killers were wrong. But I also think it was foolish beyond belief to bait them. Cloaking this whole thing under the banner of “freedom of speech” somehow doesn’t do the situation justice. I don’t think “suicide by speech” is fair either; but, again, knowingly pissing off sensitive people anxious to make a violent statement is just plain wrong.

Here, in the USA, we don’t use the N-word because it is known to be related to horrible things in our country’s past and present. There are other groups where we don’t cross certain lines for similar reasons. I guess in some cases we exercise self-control in our free speech and in other cases we don’t. Discretion is often the better part of valor.

Going Viral

I need to get my head examined.

I need to get my head examined.

Over the holidays we stayed a week at a relative’s house where my wife’s daughter was recovering from pneumonia and her husband was just starting to regularly sneeze. A few days after returning home I started sneezing regularly, coughing persistently, and blowing orange snot out of my nose on waking for two days followed by green globs of snot this morning. Afraid of developing bronchitis, I went to the doctor today. Continue reading

Soundcloud and Vimeo Embedding

This is a quickie test embedding a Soundcloud audio file into my blog. This is a very basic real idea I have for my next song attempt, just four chords. Click the triangle in the graphic below to play the little file.

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