Rounded Brainery

Here it is, kids, my latest and greatest keyboard masterpiece. Three minutes in length, solo harpsichord. I’ll likely be adding violin and cello which was my plan all along. First I wanted to make a foundation that I could play live and by myself. Click in to listen if you like.

Somewhere down the line I hope to complete the piece with the other instruments.

7 thoughts on “Rounded Brainery

  1. Jim, I like the piece BUT, and I hate to say this because it could just be me, probably is … parts of it remind me of ‘stairway to heaven’. Just the melody of course!

    For me that was really distracting. I would be interested to see what others think.

    • Maybe both are taken from the same source, classical music theory. I did hear the similar roots while constructing the beginning of the piece and my wife didn’t hear it until I pointed it out and then she couldn’t un-hear it. They are not the same, I say that having heard Stairway to Heaven many many times. I made sure they were not the same but if you want to hear a similarity you certainly will, and apparently you can’t not hear it. When I write in the other instruments the harpsichord will take on a supporting role and I think/hope that impression will go away.

      Here’s something fun from Wikipedia:

      “Over the years, a number of people have put forth the opinion that the song’s introduction, and opening guitar arpeggios, bear a close resemblance to the 1968 instrumental “Taurus” by the group Spirit.”

      So one could argue that Zeppelin stole the song from one of my favorite groups, Spirit!

      Regardless, many pieces of music are reminiscent of many other pieces of music. There are only 12 unique notes, and only so many chord combinations that work together. I stand by my work as my own, the melody is not really the same at all, but the descending chromatic line in the bass and much of the chord progression is the same (just checked on a few song-chord sites). What I do with the material and what they do with the material is very very different. The harpsichord is guitar-like which adds to the seeming similarity. I know what you think you are hearing, but because one can fit with the other without conflict does not make them the same.

    • It’s all good. I was conscious of it (the similar chord progression) before I finished writing the first 8 measures which is the basis for the entire thing. I just wasn’t going to trash it for the express purpose of avoiding any similarity with something else because it would be impossible to write anything that way.

  2. I was playing around with “Let it Be” by the Beatles. I worked the chords exactly backwards and found that it works quite well. I also took those chords and threw in a bunch of secondary dominants and it completely changed the character.

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