I am not Charlie

If I knew of a person or group that was so sensitive about a certain thing that they have in the past gotten murderously violent about it and that they have a known agenda to do so again, I would not tempt them by flaunting that certain thing. This happened with a French publication very recently and, surprise surprise, people got killed.

Militant Fundamentalist Muslims are more than just sensitive about images of Mohammed. Who knew? Everyone, that’s who.

Don’t misunderstand me, I do think the killers were wrong. But I also think it was foolish beyond belief to bait them. Cloaking this whole thing under the banner of “freedom of speech” somehow doesn’t do the situation justice. I don’t think “suicide by speech” is fair either; but, again, knowingly pissing off sensitive people anxious to make a violent statement is just plain wrong.

Here, in the USA, we don’t use the N-word because it is known to be related to horrible things in our country’s past and present. There are other groups where we don’t cross certain lines for similar reasons. I guess in some cases we exercise self-control in our free speech and in other cases we don’t. Discretion is often the better part of valor.

4 thoughts on “I am not Charlie

  1. The issue is that the people that printed the offensive material are a-holes and those that reacted with extremism are also, a-holes.

    It’s difficult for the governement to legislate against that. Unfortunately innocents get killed. What can the government do?

    • I don’t see what a government can do. There are Ten Commandments that Christians and Jews break all the time. There are laws that people break all the time. There are “Darwin Awards” every year where where people are noted doing stupid things that get themselves killed. There’s no fixing stupid.

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