Going Viral

I need to get my head examined.

I need to get my head examined.

Over the holidays we stayed a week at a relative’s house where my wife’s daughter was recovering from pneumonia and her husband was just starting to regularly sneeze. A few days after returning home I started sneezing regularly, coughing persistently, and blowing orange snot out of my nose on waking for two days followed by green globs of snot this morning. Afraid of developing bronchitis, I went to the doctor today.

My temperature was a degree below normal, blood pressure ideal, heart rate good. The doctor poked and prodded and peeked into the holes in my head.

Prognosis: “I think you have a viral infection, antibiotics won’t help. I can prescribe you some cough syrup with codeine to help you sleep if you like.”

So . . . I’m infectious! . . . I’ve gone viral!

I would like to thank all you little people who made this all possible. You know who you are, the encouragers, the enablers, those who keep the faith. I accept this burden, nay, this honor, and promise to do my best to be more and more infectiously viral.

Crowd Cheering

3 thoughts on “Going Viral

  1. And yet I soldier on, unaffected by exposure to pneumonia, bronchitis, and Jim’s virus. I must be doing something right.

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