Soundcloud and Vimeo Embedding

This is a quickie test embedding a Soundcloud audio file into my blog. This is a very basic real idea I have for my next song attempt, just four chords. Click the triangle in the graphic below to play the little file.

There is a WordPress page which helped me along HERE.

In the process of following the directions I just linked to, there is an auto play checkbox so you don’t have to fiddle with the code you paste in to get the audio file to automatically play when the page is opened. This is really simple to do since Soundcloud provides the text code to do this.

Below is a test video using Vimeo. It took about a half hour waiting on Vimeo to transcode the video before I could use it. I will also note that the video quality is clearly worse — or blurry worse! — than what I uploaded. It wasn’t all that great to begin with but I compared them side-by-side, original vs what they provide. Now I’m wondering what would have happened if I had uploaded a high def file or if I had paid them money. I’ll fret over that as time goes by.

Embedding the video was dirt simple, just open the video at the Vimeo website and then copy the url from the address bar. Paste that address into a separate line in your blog and the video will just magically be there. You can’t get any simpler than that.

Forgive the narration on the video below. My voice is a little rough and I did it off the cuff, more to see if I could get it all to work than show off my skills.

That’s about it. Without much effort or research I was able to upload a sound file to Soundcloud and embed it into this blog. I also uploaded a video to Vimeo and embedded it here. Success, except for added blurriness to the video. Note that having the video resident in my WordPress account would have also degraded the video. Let’s call the whole thing a success with reservations.

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