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I just checked my annual WordPress stats and saw that I uploaded a total of 9 blog posts this year. That’s awful. In fact it’s wasteful given I’m paying WordPress about $300 per year in order to directly host video and audio content. That amount of money is clearly wasteful. Going forward I’m going to try two new services for hosting video and audio and revamp this entire site. My fear is that downgrading WordPress will wreak havoc on my current content. Let’s look at what I’m considering.

Soundcloud seems to be the way to go with pure audio. Here’s their three levels of service.


I think that currently I have under an hour of songs on my blog now. Since I would be linking or embedding the audio content to my blog, I don’t see the reason to immediately go with their “Pro” or “Unlimited” tiers of service. This would be a great way for anyone to include audio on their free WordPress blog. I’ll try this option and see how it goes.

That leaves video. One of my main sticking points with YouTube is the embedded ads. I flat out refuse to go there. Vimeo seems to be the ticket here and they too offer tiers of service.


As with Soundcloud, I think I’m going with the free service here first. It could very well be that I’ll quickly upgrade to the “Plus” category, but why not see what happens first? What I suspect I’ll find here is that I will only get 720p video with the free service and I’d prefer 1080p. Clarity of presentation is very important to me and size does sometimes matter!

Finally there are the WordPress plans. Two things are most important to me: no ads, and a custom domain. That forces me into the “Premium” category. What I can’t figure out is how to downgrade, but I’m sure I’ll manage.


So basically I’m trying to improve things here while trying to save money at the same time. My WordPress account doesn’t renew until February 23, 2015, so that gives me time to experiment with Soundcloud and Vimeo. The trick here will be to embed video and audio rather than simply link to them. Hopefully that will be easy. Not knowing how makes things seem impossible even though it might be easy. We’ll see.

6 thoughts on “Revamp

    • I think I’m going to be posting more often. I have been gathering tools over the last few months for the express purpose of accomplishing certain things better.

      Funny thing, I didn’t post for so long that I forgot how — so far as being able to visualize the mechanics — to go about posting a blog article. And that discouraged me from posting. That’s the damnedest thing. Like it isn’t just obvious when you sit down and start doing it.

  1. Remember when you wrote this? Are you done stewing? LOL. Hard to believe that this was 2 years ago! But maybe you can dig some of those mini articles out of your archives and begin writing again!

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    Jan 13, 2013 @ 17:18:18 Edit
    I have copied that rather profound sentence into my blog-idea file. I should have before, usually I know when I hit on something that could use a more elaborate treatment. I am finding that my gut reactions to some people’s articles are mini articles in themselves and I copy them into my growing file which is currently 2,600 words. Some are a brief sentence like here, some are several paragraphs. Don’t hold your breath on this one as it needs to stew in the back of my head for a while.

  2. Wow, I just located that file full of ideas. Many of the items are copied responses I wrote in various places with the thought that I could craft them into their own articles. I forgot all about this file. Weird that some things seem relevant now and others don’t.

    My sense is that I could write a blog entry every single day if I wanted to devote myself to that. I did that once before and toward the end it became a dreadful chore, but I did do that with an older blog. I think a minimum of one a week would be manageable. Every day at least one stupid thing calls out to me.

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