The Sad Little Princess

I composed this short piano solo with a particular student in mind. It is in the musical form of a rondo (A – B – A – C – A). I’ve done some reevaluating of my style and how I go about things and this is the result. If you’d like to listen to this two-minute piece just click the play button immediately below.


If anyone wants the score in PDF format, let me know. I’ve given it to a couple people so I had to rush out this recording for reference on how I think it should be played.

10 thoughts on “The Sad Little Princess

  1. Beautiful…Jim this music fits a manuscript (with movie potential) I am editing right now. We are going to have to stay in touch. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Interesting, but being a bit traditional, I’d prefer it to End on the tonic rather than on the supertonic!

    • I do agree with you. I think I watched a little too much American Idol with Harry Connick Jr. always liking when someone ended a song on the ninth. I really fretted over that, to be honest, because it is easy to argue that only doing that at the end means it doesn’t fit. I’ll try to make more sense continuity wise with my next thing, whatever that might be.

      Thanks for both giving a listen and for understanding what is going on.

    • That is Richard Rea singing “Stupid Is. He also wrote the song. I kept his singing and threw out his guitar playing. I did all the instruments except the guitar solo which is Jan Antonie Barrs from the Netherlands. I basically turned a sad folk. Song into more of a party rock song with a weird instrumental middle part.

  3. Wow. That made cry (which might mean I need to go back to therapy…) That was so beautiful. You are the real deal. Can you tell me where I can buy that? I figure I should own things that make me cry… Thanks!!!

  4. Wow. That made me cry. I think I may need to go back to therapy or something. That was just so beautiful. Can you tell me where to pay for and download that song? I figure I should buy things that make me cry. Thanks!!!

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