A Peace Corps for Music

A Peace Corps for Music

I was asked to help along a National Geographic project by submitting a video presentation for their Expedition Granted competition so there would be some submissions live before the project started. Basically, people have a pet project they want funded and the winner will be granted $50,000.00 toward that end. You might be able to see my submission on the main page for this project, just go there and scroll down a little, under “ADVISOR PICKS”, and then click on the “Find Out More” text to view the video. Here’s the site:

—> Expedition Granted <—

In case that doesn’t work, below is the video I submitted:

10 thoughts on “A Peace Corps for Music

  1. Good job, Jim. Now…if you are so inclined, go see the movie “Supermensch” about manager Shep Gordon. Then you will want to see the work that Detroit native Alice Cooper is doing with his Solid Rock Foundation. People who work/play to bring more music into the world are heroes. You, sir, are a hero.

    • Hmmm. I don’t know about the hero thing, but I might be willing to call myself a mentor. A hero, by my definition, is someone who is afraid and acts in spite of the fear. I am afraid of winning this little “competition” because I’m not sure exactly how to make it all happen. I’ll work it out if it does and maybe even if it doesn’t!

      I’m not finding the movie “Supermench” through my usual sources but I’ll keep an eye out for it.

  2. Hi Jim,
    Are you able to help me? I am trying to make my fingers stronger to perfect a piece that I play with some feeling but mangle each day. it’s Chopin Etude Op 24 no. 1 I think. I was never good at the fast stuff but I love this so much I had to learn it. Thanks Emma

    • I don’t think it is Opus 24. The Chopin Etudes appear to be from either Opus 25 or Opus 10. I would like to look it over. What key is it in, or at least how many sharps or flats are in the initial key signature? Can you provide a YouTube video of someone playing it?

      Finger strength is largely a myth. It is more a matter of your hand and sometimes your arm lending strength by how they are used. I would have to see you try to play it — all in good time, perhaps. First I would like to know exactly what piece it is. My Gravatar has my e-mail. If you could take a picture of the first complete measure or two and send it to me I can probably identify it. We can take it from there.

  3. Jim
    SOOOO awesome! As an actress my daughter has been involved in a few of these contests commercially generated. And I am always so impressed.
    I LOVE your idea and i wouldn’t be surprised if you won at all! It is a great idea and your video is stellar. Not only is your idea amazing and more what I would say keeping with the National Graphics original theme (more so than the other entries) 😉 it doesn’t hurt that you have self taught yourself how to be a computer graphics guy that can present such a professional yet interesting and easy to follow presentation! Good luck and I will say a prayer for your project! (I know I know your beliefs…. but it can’t hurt 🙂 )

      • That DID occur to me! There are a few websites with similar functionality you could draw inspiration from for a design document.

        Something like http://www.fiverr.com would provide 80% of the concepts you need to think about.

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