The Future


“The Future” is so yesterday. The optimist in me believes that as needs arise new technologies will be developed. The pessimist in me sees humanity as an algae bloom that is in the process of snuffing itself out. The realist in me does what he can with what is available now to build a bubble existence. Without knowing what is coming we can’t really prepare.

11 thoughts on “The Future

    • I was thinking about writing an article about being prepared for one thing and then having something else happen instead. Merry mishaps with reacting the wrong way.

    • I acquired and watched K-Pax yesterday. Excellent thought-provoking movie, thanks for bringing it to my attention. It causes one to reevaluate a lot of things without really leading you in any particular direction which is difficult to accomplish. I have a few minor niggles with what must have happened at certain points, but that does not change my opinion of this wonderful film!

  1. It would be fun to talk about. The astrophysicists would not have left Prot alone after his little demonstration with their computer graphics. The asylum would not have allowed him to get the people so anxious and riled up. But those things are not the point of the story. I loved the way Prot was unflappable, the way the shrink allowed for any possibility (at least seemingly). It is all a question of who is insane, does that insanity matter or is it harmful, and are there better ways to look at and approach things. The shrink is a model to be emulated, I think. That was the most important thing I took from the movie.

    • You would be such a great reviewer. Or leader of a book group. I am not disappointed. Glad you enjoyed the movie. Every now and then. I find a good one that I KNOW is right up your alley.
      I just saw God is not dead. I thought the acting was epic. It is still out in the theaters. Also waiting for Heaven is real. I’m sure if you see them you’ll have an opinion. πŸ˜‰

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