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Long time, no blog.

Very sorry about that. This long cold snowy winter has put me into a very mild and prolonged depression that has made me horribly lazy. I just haven’t wanted to write at all and have instead been parked contentedly on the couch with my iPad Air while watching TV most days. With the seeming break in the weather recently I have started snapping out of this and hopefully I will get back to blogging on a near daily basis.


– shopping center parking lot-


– our picnic table, can’t open the back door to go out there –

I have taken up a writing position at ipadInsight.com, a major tech blog with iPad app reviews that gets about a million page views per month. On a whim I responded to an article looking for writers and lo and behold they accepted me!

I’ll list the two articles I have written for them so far in case you want to check them out:

Comic Zeal

WWE for iPad

I have an article pending review/publication about a keyboard case for the iPad which I hope will be appearing there soon. I cannot post the articles here because they are concerned about SEO, and doing so would get me fired from the writing staff. It doesn’t pay anything, but it does get my name out there and even though I haven’t been blogging here, my page views here have gone up some — my SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has improved!

So hopefully I’m back with a vengeance. I have a number of big things to talk about. Depression/Blahs begone!

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