Toilets and iPhones Don’t Mix

ToiletTextingYeah, I managed to do it. I was in the bathroom, leaned forward for something, and my iPhone 5 dove out of my shirt pocket and did a 1 1/2 flip with a full twist right into the toilet. No splash, perfect ten. It was only in there for a second or two before I deftly snatched it out and wiped the exterior with a towel. We put it in a baggie with rice, sealed it up, and waited a couple days.

The rice trick didn’t work. The guy at the Apple Store said that’s an urban myth. He understood that I had to try. I was embarrassed and all he had to say was, “This is what Applecare is for.” I drop phones so I pay for that Applecare. Let’s see how this all went down.

The first thing Apple-guy did was put on a pair of latex gloves before touching my phone and he apologized for the necessity of doing so. It was in the toilet after all. He verified that it didn’t work, verified that my Applecare was current, and then said, “Hold on for a sec . . .” and he took off and came back with a white box.

Here’s the remarkable part:  He took out a brand new phone — not a refurb — and proceeded to help me set it up. He swapped the SIM card, had me enter my Apple ID and password, and then had it restore itself so that I had a fully working phone before I walked out the door. All my contacts, internet bookmarks, shopping lists, everything that was stored in the cloud was back on my phone before I walked out the door. I could have done all that myself once I got home but that wasn’t good enough. They wanted me to leave happy with a fully functioning device.

It did cost me $50 bucks, but that iPhone 5 did retail for $650 contract free several months ago. The level of friendly competent caring service is the best you can get anywhere. That’s a part of the Apple ecosystem that is rarely talked about, face-to-face patient service. Most places that is something you simply cannot get.

8 thoughts on “Toilets and iPhones Don’t Mix

    • Unfortunately I’ve done that too, dropped my phone on pavement. I have to stop that habit of putting my phone in my shirt pocket. I once again have a pristine iPhone 5 and I need to form the habit of putting it in a pants pocket.

  1. Wow. That is seriously awesome. I am big fan of good customer service. It is worth the money. I am considering buying a Macbook Air. Did you buy yours online? Best Buy? What is the best way to buy one? It’s such a big choice b/c of the price tag. I just want to make sure I do it right 🙂

    • I buy my devices primarily online because I normally get custom builds like more memory than the stock machine. I also am home to receive delivery.

      If you have an Apple Store within reasonable driving distance then you should definitely talk to them in person in the store. You can tell them that you have X computer now and you are worried about moving all your stuff over, migrating as it were. If you don’t want a stock machine it can be delivered to an Apple Store for pickup and they might even help you set it up.

      The Macbook Air is a very popular laptop. My concern would be screen real-estate but my needs are more on the power-user spectrum. It is fantastic for portability and battery life, and you get the Apple experience and superb quality in the mix. And you get me with helpful advice if you like.

      • Awesome. I just found out there is an Apple store near my job so I can stop in there. I think it’s going to help to try out different options and ask a “live” person. Thanks for your advice. Real estate is concern for me sometimes… so I think trying them out will help 🙂

  2. LOL AWESome. This is quite off the topic, but speaking of toilets….my boy had to go at the mixed martial gym once, and when he leaned forward, his mouthguard dropped out and did a clean dive right in. Automatic flush sucked it right down. Strong pull, so we didn’t wreak havoc plugging up the toilet, but I realized we really had to watch what we took to the bathrm.

    • My first reaction is, “Thanks goodness the mouthguard auto flushed so that you were not in any way tempted to boil it and put it back into your boy’s mouth!” How awful he must have felt when that happened!

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