New 2013 iMac

2013-iMacBeen busy updating my computer lately so I have not been posting. Sorry to anyone missing my posts. I upgraded from a 2009 Mac Pro to a just released 2013 iMac and was worried that going from dual quadcore processors to a faster single quadcore processor was going to be a downgrade even though the new computer has faster individual cores. (Click the image to see it larger.)

The old machine has 8 cores each capable of 2.6 GHz. The new machine has 4 cores running at 3.5 GHz. Here’s the simple math:

8 x 2.26 = 18.08

4 x 3.5 = 14

So the older machine should be faster by about 25% when firing on all cores. Since many processes only use a single core I was willing to be slower when doing relatively rare activities such as converting large video files. But I was wrong, the new machine is faster.

I did a comparison converting the same 1080p video for play on my iPhone which is 1/4 of that resolution.

2009 Mac Pro = 14:05 minutes

2013 iMac = 13:05 minutes

So the new iMac clearly beat out the old beast by about 8%. That’s a very pleasant surprise.

Here’s the specs that matter in making this computer expensive and a worthy successor to my old pro-grade computer:

i7 Processor

3 TB fusion drive

32 Gig RAM

27″ monitor (all in one design)

That’s it really. It will drive two additional external monitors which I find essential. I might do some additional articles on why you would or would not want to spend upwards of 3K USD on a desktop computer. Spoiler alert: if you can do what you want and are happy with what you have then you don’t need it, and the vast majority of users don’t need any more than what a smartphone or tablet provides. Your mileage may vary.

7 thoughts on “New 2013 iMac

  1. Hi Jim. Glad you’re back, I was beginning to get concerned. MAC’s are wonderful machines. It’s possible to do many simple everyday tasks with fewer moves. They’re SO expensive, though, and beyond my reach at present.

    • You can always drop me a line by e-mail which is easy to find on my gravitar.

      Apple devices seem to work the way I think and none of the others do. I have separate savings accounts that I contribute to on a monthly basis. The day I bought my current car I started regularly saving toward the next one. Same with the computer. Tomorrow I should do a short writeup about my iPhone 5 which I accidentally destroyed. Applecare is a wonderful thing.

      I’m about to start going through your book. I’m not sure how I should give you feedback or whether I want to do a series of articles about it. I suspect some sections will be more meaningful to me than others, but maybe those I don’t think will apply to me will be most valuable of all as I sometimes try to arrange things with sampled instruments that I am not at all familiar with — I only really know the keyboard. We’ll see, or you can state a preference.

      • Once we’ve paid our way there’s little left to save, Jim, but then, greater men that I ended up penniless. Also, I’ve put so much money into various ventures. The book took 6 years in all to prepare.

        There’s a reason I hadn’t contacted you. I take it you’re ‘retired’ (that’s a joke) like me. 13 of my buddies have passed on in the last year or so. Fond memories of the gigs and the laughs we had. Now this is where it gets morbid, so please forgive me. I was afraid that you might be ill, or worse, and I might get a distraught relative replying to me.

        Some years ago, I phoned a bassist I knew to dep with my nine-piece and I got his widow at the other end. I won’t forget that in a hurry. The only scrap of consolation I could find was to think ‘well, no one bothered to let me know’.

        I’m not allowed to comment on your response. I know you’ll be fair whatever you do.

      • I had a bass player die on me and I was not informed until trying to contact him. It was a very sad and uncomfortable situation.

        You might want to comment on my comments because they will be ideas rather than direct criticism. What I would write here would be putting things in simple terms and in some cases I might need clarification, but I say that before digging in. I already know the first entry will be superfluous.

  2. Masc are just beautiful in every way. I would be concerned about having to convert anything I’ve already done using a Windows platform. That would drive me bonkers.

    Good to hear what you’re up to, Mister.

    • There are sites that walk you through switching over, but it might not be for the faint of heart. If you know for certain where all your precious little files are then it really isn’t a big deal although it might be time consuming. I wouldn’t hesitate if I knew I wanted to move over to a PC; like, here’s all my music files now where does Windows want them? Scary if you don’t know, the unknown is like that. I’m sure Apple provides help and I’m even surer that an Apple Store would hold your hand if not outright do it for you — they are amazing that way. And then there’s me, I’m always willing to help out a friend and convert should she get the itch.

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