Tiaras and World Peace


Where’s my tiara?

I was given an ultimatum the other day from an author, “You must write!” Not that I should or could or may, but that I must. Let’s ignore that if I communicated with a man with a hammer then he would say, “You must pound on things!” Or if I talked to a musician then she would say, “You must practice!” The fact remains that it was an author and I was commanded.

OK then.

Why did I work at General Motors for thirty years? For “this“. Why did I go to college and earn my BS degree with a double major in Music and Psychology with a minor in Writing? For “this“. Why did I get married and settle down? Well obviously for “this.”

What is “this“? Why, it is doing and having what I do and have now. What I have now are a lot of large raised garden beds. What I’m doing is spending all my time weeding.

I hate weeds. Weeds are what accumulate when you do nothing. Don’t tend your garden? Weeds grow. Don’t pay your bills? They pile up and cause all kinds of trouble. Watch TV all day? The house becomes a mess.  All weeds, trouble from simply doing nothing.

I’m one of those lazy people who goes to great lengths to make things easier. I went along with the garden beds my wife wanted because that meant less grass to mow. I wasn’t thinking that she can’t be out in the sun. Those beds were for her to lie in . . . except she can’t. Those garden beds were completed by the contractor July 3, which outside of my knowledge is what a contractor apparently means when he promises early spring. We were to plant flowers and vegetables this “early spring” so we did nothing, waiting for next year. The result? A healthy thick mass of six-foot-tall weeds attempting to choke out our lovely home. Two months of untended barren soil and all of a sudden it’s The Day of the Triffids.


I didn’t do anything with the huge garden beds and the result is spontaneous Amazon Jungle. “This” turned out to be back breaking work and toting fat long bundles of green that would make a beauty pageant winner jealous.

That’s what I get for earning a pension and a proper education, for retiring early to live the good life. I relaxed for two months and “this” is what I have to show for it: an endless sea of weeds.

Hmmm. I forgot to tie in the title of this article, “Tiaras and World Peace”. There’s my world in which there is no peace unless I regularly tend to what is important. In this world of ours we should tend to our own business first and then extend good will. Politically we are ignoring our own garden and instead producing a world-wide plague of weeds. Let’s all make the world a better place by first tending to our own gardens.

14 thoughts on “Tiaras and World Peace

  1. But I make sure there is fresh icy lemonade for you when you take a break from weeding. And I do some weeding, too. It was just so very hot and sunny for so long. The blueberry bed was weeded by me alone, and the flower bed by the walk. They are not jungles, but do need attention again. The good news is that it gets easier over time, as the weed seeds become limited to what floats in randomly.

    • Yeah, I do think that nice fertile soil came loaded with weed seed just waiting to sprout and flourish with the first good rain. Once all these monsters are felled I expect another two months will not produce the same result. I know you want to do more, but it is the nature of the beast. We all do what we can.

      • You can always tell if a neighbour grows the stuff in the loft. They’ll have less snow on the roof, unless you’ve retired to Miami, of course but that looks like a temperate region to me.

      • We get all the seasons here, south of central Canada might be a good way of putting it. It is still illegal to grow marijuana here for personal casual use and it should not be possible to grow it here outside. But my mother busted me for pot in 1974 and planted some of the seeds in her garden. Three plants grew and I was pinching leaves from them throughout the summer. They never did flower which is what mom wanted to see, but it was some good stuff.

      • They took it off the naughty list here and then put it back on again! I’ve been to places in Europe where they sit around smoking it and no one gives a damn. The revenue from tobacco and alcohol products is roughly what they spend here on education in a year so I think they’re worried about losing that if we all smoked the stuff, even though they’re constantly telling us not to smoke.

  2. Mr. Madaj (back in the old country) used to lay down a black, water permeable, weed barrier over his garden. When you are ready to plant you poke holes for each planting and it keeps working throughout the growing season.

    • Excellent advice, and we actually have plans to do just that. Along either side of our personal carport are two narrow raised garden beds. One will be for grapes, and the other for four largish flower thingies. With those flowers we intend to lay out that black clothy barrier, cut holes for the flowers, and then pour pea gravel over the black covering. Time, money, and motivation are the evil trinity working against us.

      I love the reference to “the old country”. Lovely touch!

  3. Nicely done. Yup, gardens are so pretty. I was lured in by the pretty. And then, I learned pretty takes work. I am still addicted to it though… There is something about pretty that I like 🙂 What a great picture. Cheers.

    • She is too cute to die and leave the show. Eyes were still open. This sort of cleared up who the killer is. I’ve been trying hard to allow for jail boy to be the actual killer. What a shock that would be!

  4. How am I missing all your posts? I have to manually go find them even though I am following! What the???? I woulda missed this great one if I’d not wandered back on one of my early risers!!! My husband always says User Error when things like this happens…. but sometimes when I post my own new post they don’t all automatically come to me or to my FB so how is that user error??
    Guess the operativer word here is….. ANYWAAAAY….
    Loved seeing you expose your weeds! LOL!

    • This seems to be an ongoing issue between us and I suspect it is more system wide. There are lots of people I subscribe to that seem to never post anymore. It could be that I am not being informed as I should.

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