iTunes Festival 2013

iTunes Festival 2013

iTunes Festival 2013

We’re two days in and Apple’s iTunes Festival has been fantastic. It is a live broadcast of shows from England and there are some really big stars involved throughout this month of September.

Yesterday: Lady Gaga. Quite an hour show, including wardrobe changes on stage. Always something different from her. She might have been lip synching since there were parts where she put the microphone toward the audience for participation and you could still hear “her” singing and also other parts where she has more than one vocal part on the recording like talking over her own singing and there was only one of her. Still, quite a show and I enjoyed all her antics.

Today: Poliça, and Sigur Rós. Poliça was pretty good.

Sigur Rós was awe inspiring. While the sound was similar in each song, it was some sound! There were some experimental elements such as singing directly into the guitar pickup, using intentionally bad lip technique into brass instruments to fill out their big sound, simple orchestral riffs and an amazing singer. AMAZING SINGER. Two drummers too. I have to get some of their stuff.

You can watch through iTunes on any computer if you don’t have Apple equipment (there’s an app for that). I’ll provide a link in case you are interested in seeing when a particular artist is performing. I’m watching the entire thing. In general if there are two artists the first starts at 2:45 PM EST, and the second act is at 4:00 PM sharp. Don’t miss it!

>> iTunes Festival Info <<

2 thoughts on “iTunes Festival 2013

    • I had missed the first performance, Lady Gaga, but I was able to find it on YouTube. Much easier to just make it a special live TV time. I want to watch to see what is current and try to see what I might learn.

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