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[Special note: the title of this article should be spelled “Gravatar Links” with no “i” in the first word. I would correct this but then people who have already linked to it would end up with dead links. I choose fame over correctness!]

I promised someone that I would show her how to add a link to her blog on her Gravatar page so that anywhere her Gravatar is people can easily go to her blog. I thought it best to make a little video showing exactly how to do this so there is no doubt how to go about it. Click in if you would like to watch.

If you are trying to follow closely it might be better to make the video full screen.

37 thoughts on “Gravitar Links

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  2. BRAVO!!!! Now that is what I’m talking about! I think that I will reblog this one and ask everyone who has ever tried to find someone’s link via their gravatar to do the same! About time!
    Thank you!

  3. Reblogged this on The One Thing I know For Sure and commented:
    This one is for everyone who has ever tried to look for a link via someone’s Gravatar and they have not bothered to put their blog’s address where everyone sees their face!
    This is also for everyone who ever wondered why they didn’t have as much traffic on their blog! Click on yourself and see if your address or blog’s page is posted. Not everybody will take the time to cut and paste your name to search for you!
    Pleeease… if you feel that this is worthy of a reblog and you want to spread the news so that people start posting their blog page on their avatar Reblog this one too!

    • There’s a problem here. If I now correct the spelling of the title of this post then your link and another person or two who also linked to it won’t work if I do. I will normally fix content if someone β€” usually my wife β€” points out some sort of error, but I’m stuck here. For this very same reason we should not delete old posts because that creates dead links that continue to float around on search engines and ultimately make us look bad. I’ll have to add a bit of text at the beginning saying that I misspelled it.

      GRAVITATe. The thing is supposed to gravitate people toward you. I cannot help it if the Gravatar people don’t know how they should spell their own iconic business symbol. I’m not wrong, they are!

  4. LOL. I just watched this. I don’t care how you spell it. This is excellent! You are an awesome teacher! I bet I could even learn how to play the piano with you as the teacher! But seriously, you should really do more of these wordpress tutorials. I actually knew how to do this one but I can tell if I didn’t know I would have been able to easily follow this and it would have even sunk into my lame brain!
    I really do hope this goes viral on wordpress because it is sooooo annoying when people don’t take the time to create a way for us to find them. I have clicked on a name that has a gravatar but the name doesn’t hightlight (underline) Not sure why that happens… but I bet you do! Anyway can you tell I reeeeeally appreciated this one! Stellar job my man! hehe. πŸ˜‰

  5. Thank you for the video and instructions. I’m a little lame in the techie department and my setup is a wee bit different but I found what I needed and now I’ve made the changes. Woo-hoo. Loving it.

  6. Yay Debby! I can find you again! No ghosts or anything!
    Jim wow… this is your most activity in a while… (Thanks to my re-blog…pat me on the back… πŸ˜€ JUST kidding!) It really is because you are such a good teacher with good information. Now lets seeee what is the next thing I need to learn?
    I do have a question though how do you get a you tube or video to come up and the actual video is there rather than the link?

  7. Oh yeah and how do people get music to play when someone just clicks on their post? I asked another WordPress blogger that and she graciously said… “That is my secret” IF you can say that graciously! 😦 πŸ˜‰

    • Hmmm. We’ve been through this before. If I were making my own website from scratch and not using WordPress I do know how to do this. Along with the music to be played in MP3 format it is a single line of HTML “code”. I’ve done it before. Problem is, I wouldn’t know where to add that to make it happen but I would like to figure it out. If I don’t tell you in a couple weeks then kick me, it’ll be because I forgot. We both know it can be done, and between my wife and myself and a little digging I can not only figure it out but make a nice little post about how to do it.

    • Yes, you asked me about it before. I determined that the biggest problem is that at the free level of WordPress you are not allowed to upload audio files like MP3. At my lofty pay level I am allowed not only that but unlimited space to upload videos so I don’t have to use a proxy like YouTube along with their ads which I despise.

      But one can have a video on their blog without storing it in one’s media folder, same with music. The trick is getting it to auto-play, and maybe also to make the sound file linked to invisible. I think your friend did something they were not supposed to and that is why it is their little secret, otherwise that response makes no sense.

      I’ll get on it when I have the time and focus to attack it.

    • In spite of your lack of kicking, I did a little kicking around this evening. This will probably mystify you but check out the following page:

      When you scan over the page, search for the text “auto_play”. There are hoops to still jump through, like I don’t even know what SoundCloud is, but I will find out someday soon when I feel alert and patient.

      Anyway, this is the answer short of customizing your theme and embedding a music file which I have no idea how to do. Do you have something specific in mind to auto play? Keep in mind that a lot of people might not like the auditory invasion. I feel a tutorial blog building up once I have a handle on this. This is the internet, so, um, trust me.

  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you – I am so thankful for this post – you are sooo sweet! and you are a wonderful teacher! i have finally gotten to my gravatar! WP should use you as a tutorial producer. Seriously. i am someone who needs to learn visually, as opposed to reading or just listening – this is so valuable – THANKS!!!!!! xx

    • Such a simple thing, but tucked away just a little too far to be easy to find. I made this firstly for you and secondly for everyone who doesn’t have any important links on their Gravatar. I wouldn’t know how to approach WordPress about making video tutorials but I would do it if they asked me. I’ll probably do a few more that I feel are equally important as time and inspiration permits.

  9. Hi Jim,
    Thank you for this enlightening help with adding blog links to gravatars.
    Now I have a question. I would like to have two separate gravatars. The reason I would like this is because I have two separate blogs that I want to keep entirely separate. The reason I want them separate is because I want the one to be entirely anonymous and the other to have my name on it. If this isn’t possible I need to know how to change my gravatar to make it entirely anonymous.

    • Here’s what I would do in your situation:

      1. Get a new e-mail address from somewhere you have never used before. GMail, Yahoo, MSN, whatever.

      2. With that new e-mail, create a new WordPress account. You might have to log out in order to do this and forevermore you will be logging out of one to log in to another, or so I suspect.

      3. Create a new Gravatar based on your new e-mail and new WordPress site.

      That’s it, really. If I’m confusing you, let me know. I’ve never tried to juggle more than one blog, let alone identities. My guess is that you should use a pseudonym for all the above, and the same pseudonym. If this is difficult contact me through my public e-mail on my Gravatar which is the only e-mail I really use. We can make this happen!

    • I’m gonna be famous because of you! You’d think WordPress would at least link to individual’s posts of this nature that help clarify common problems. Maybe they are afraid I’ll bolt and then the link would vanish. Honestly, if they wanted to use it they can have it with a simple credit mention. I’m easy and it could lead to a paying offer for something unrelated. I have done a piece of music on commission, that sort of screen-based video is easier and quicker to produce.

      • You will be famous all on your own merits which you have a wealth of things I could mention. I wonder if I could contact wordpress somewhere where it would get to the powers that be and send them here. It really isn’t the poor new wordpress blogger’s fault. I am surprised how many people are grateful for sending them here or just mentioning that their gate is not “really” OPEN so to speak! πŸ˜‰

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  11. I just reshared this again…. I am getting soooo tired of having to cut and paste a name and then sometimes not even being able to find it that way! By the way when I created this new blog… I did have to re-watch your tutorial all over again! That is why I came back in November to re-thank you for this! I just noticed that you are even on a google about avatars. I forget what I put in to make it come up… but this one came up on a search engine and this link was one of the top ones that came up!
    I miss your writing!!!! me<<<<<whining and pouting!!! πŸ™‚

    • Hi, and welcome to the fold. The whole Gravatar thing is confusing until you know what to do. Glad I could be of service.

      I’ve had a very mild case of winter blahs β€” like a very mild depression β€” where I just didn’t want to write blog entries or do much of anything else besides watch TV and vegetate. I seem to be coming out of it with the change of weather so it’s time to put away my virtual couch potato Olympic curling rocks and get back to blogging.

      I’ll have to follow and check out your Book Heaven blog. Thanks for stopping by!

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