Paradise Lost


An alien landed in my back yard and asked me to take it to my leader.

It claimed to have all the answers to our problems for disease, hunger, peace, and the means to produce a world-wide utopia. But it could only provide this information to my “leader”.

I tried everything I could for an entire day, posting on social sites, sending e-mails, making phone calls, all to no avail. No one would take me seriously.

The alien observed my efforts with what seemed to be a sad compassion, and at the end of the day it said to me, “I’m sorry, but your world is not yet ready. You tried everything you could but no one would listen. Everyone at every turn was more interested in their own individual concerns instead of what is best for all.”

As it went to it’s ship to leave I begged for the answers to make our world a paradise and the alien paused for a moment and said, “I just did.”

4 thoughts on “Paradise Lost

    • Dante.

      Forgive me for making a complicated mess of what I think is a simple idea, but a lot of people aren’t getting this at all. Many don’t comment or “like”.

      There is an old Zen story about the difference between Heaven and Hell. Long story short, the people in Hell sit around a large round table covered with a lavish spread of food and they are all starving because all they have are 12-foot-long chop sticks and they are starving trying to feed themselves and failing. In Heaven there is the same table and food and chopsticks and everyone is happy and well fed because they are feeding each other across the table. I was taught this story in Catholic parochial school and the fundamental rightness of it has stayed with me all my life whether I practice it or not.

      This is what the alien was trying to tell me. It said to me, “Everyone at every turn was more interested in their own individual concerns instead of what is best for all.” That is trying to feed oneself with 12-foot-long chopsticks.

      My little story was intended to be a puzzle. Pretend someone doesn’t know what money is but they go on and on about wanting a nice car and house and boat. In giving them a billion dollars, and they don’t understand that they have been given much more than they need to get what they want.

      The nature of people seems to be true Capitalists in that there is a grand competition to grab all they can get for themselves. If the nature of people were different they would be true Communists where everything is done for the greater good of all. Communism doesn’t work because people are by nature Capitalists and those in position to take advantage do so. People are not ready for a utopian society if indeed they ever will be.

      Some describe Jesus as being a socialist, doling out free medical care and espousing giving all your money to the poor. Every major world religion and philosophy first stresses taking care of each other as the first priority. That was the point I was trying to make, along with the observation that people are not ready or not capable of truly embracing it.

    • John,

      Your comment landed squarely in my spam folder because you are linked to an Amazon listing of your book. I sometimes wonder why I browse through that folder rather than just deleting them all and I guess this is why. I do need to get your book! I’ll do it in a moment. You just need to know that happened and why.

      What I’m drinking is wine made by a relative. Rather thick and sweet and potent — made from strawberries — I wish I had the means to test the alcohol content as it seems to be more along the lines of a liquor.

      I am going to close the comments on this article because over the past day I have been slammed with over a hundred spam comments here.

      I am behind on your blog, back to the one about drum parts that I wanted to read very carefully. You are indeed a wealth of information, sir.

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