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I’ve been busy lately. I paid $200 USD for one-year streaming access to the Mac Pro Video series which is a vast library of video tutorials on a wide variety of software available on the Mac. I am sure there are such services available for other computer systems and part of the reason I’m mentioning this is that even if you are not a Mac user the basic concept might lure you into a similar service that suits you.


There were other payment options available rather than shelling out $200 for a year’s subscription, like $25 per month or a fixed fee for downloading and keeping a single course. But the unlimited streaming access to all their classes on a wide variety of topics along with the prospect of not feeling rushed made me go all in.



My first and current impetus was to get up to speed with Logic Pro X, which is a new version of my music production software that I can use but have never really mastered. And there are so many new amazing features! Rather than stumbling through and reading cryptic manuals it occurred to me that watching an expert both use and explain thoroughly how to do various things would help me understand a very complicated tool and be able to use it to better effect.



Even watching introductory material caused me to repeatedly drop my jaw and slap palm to forehead. So many things that are obvious I was oblivious to! The distraction of trying to get something specific done blinded me to what was right there on the screen an inch away from where I was focusing. If you use any software product and find yourself regularly struggling with the program rather than imagining the end result then something like this is highly advisable.

I like the format they use, taking a single topic where there might be 90 minutes of video and breaking it up into 2-4 minute mini lessons. This makes learning one or two valuable things more palatable and memorable.

I do miss being in school sometimes, but it is nice to have access to this vast library on demand. I don’t know how much better my music will be because of this, but I do know that I will be doing a lot less stumbling and a lot more focusing on the business at hand.

I just spent four days on something that could have been done with two button clicks. That was worth $200 all by itself.

[The following was posted April 1, 2012. As such, take it with a grain of salt. If only it were real!]

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