We watched a movie yesterday about an adult Austrian and his friendship with the child Dalai Lama (Seven Years in Tibet). One statement really stood out for me which I must paraphrase because of my faulty memory: ‘Do not worry. If you are to fail then you will fail. If you are to succeed then you will succeed. Worry will not change this.’ That is the gist and it struck me in a very powerful way.

4 thoughts on “Worry

  1. Worry distorts reality. It’s the product of failing to keep things in perspective by not remaining in the now moment and gaining what value we can find in it. Worst still is that when we worry, we are projecting into the future and predicting things will turn out badly us. Worry is a form of self sabotage that’s part of a habitual pattern of cultivating inner dread which leads to compromising our physical, pyschological and emotional health, rather than living our life in the now moment and to the fullest.

    • Amen. The worst I used to do to myself is project what was going to happen and create a script which I’d rehearse in my head which was all well and good until reality did not follow the script to the letter. The disorientation and “panic” that would result made things worse than I could have imagined. Much better to just walk in and react spontaneously. Always doing so keeps you from wasting the perpetual now moments and teaches you how to live spontaneously and react honestly. Took me a long time to break out and put that into practice.

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