Sea Salt Caramel


I haven’t been blogging much lately. I can blame all the time I’ve spent trying to give birth to grass seed and getting a mind-blowing upgrade to my music production software — Logic Pro X, but I’d be lying. I only blog when I have an itch, a bitch, or some other kind of imbalance. The “problem” is that I have discovered the perfect Nirvana and there is no longer any need to hope or dream or spout off or try.

I do pay good money to avoid ads on my blog, but that does not include mentioning products that I support and have no relation to. The Sea Salt Caramel Gelato from Haagen-Dasz is one such product. I can provide a brief review:

It is sell-your-soul good.

One thought on “Sea Salt Caramel

  1. Hm… Grass seed? I’ve done that twice, but usually in the Fall. I look everyday to see the little green hairs spring from the ground. It’s sad how much I love it 🙂 And that ice cream looks divine…

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