200 – Watering the Grass

Raised Bed

Yeah, this is my bi-post-enial. At present my life has been reduced to nurturing grass seed. The landscaper told me that all I have to do is water the seeded areas for ten minutes twice a day. Anyone can do that, right? Well, to hit all the areas throughout my lawn that need this ten minute treatment once takes UNDER FIVE HOURS. It’s quite a workout where for each section I have to:

hear a ten-minute timer go off

get up

walk outside

go down the steps of the porch (five steps)

position and adjust the sprinkler

walk up the steps of the porch (still five steps)

set a timer

do something for ten minutes

rinse and repeat all day every day

This sequence takes more than ten minutes. It involves sit-ups (getting up from the couch and pausing the TV) and deep knee bends (getting the sprinkler just right). It takes time for me to focus and start doing something in the meantime and once I get into that something the damned timer goes off. It’s like every time someone goes into REM sleep they are forcibly wakened. This is killing me! I have to do this every day for three weeks.

I’m getting a lot of exercise from this and all I’m doing is watering the grass! A physical trainer once told me while rehabilitating the foot I almost lost that it doesn’t matter how long it takes to go through my exercise routine so long as I eventually do the reps within a single day. The soreness from the first day of doing this is testament to the “grueling” routine I am now doing, ten hours each day.

I do have a new hose this year that I’d like to do a brief article on next time. And I broke our sprinkler and after heavily using it during last year’s drought and now with this new more strategic routine I knew what features I wanted in a “good” sprinkler and that will be another article. Lastly, I found a new timer app for my computer that is both novel and highly useful.

So there is my short-term blogging routine going forward. Meanwhile, I’m praying for rain.

Long Strip

4 thoughts on “200 – Watering the Grass

  1. Yikes. Unless you love the exercise I’d suggest you buy that rolled up grass instead. Are you regrassing a driveway? I am no gardener but your soil looks too sandy. I have areas like this under trees that I gave up on.

  2. To my great joy this morning, little grass shoots have just started coming up!

    That long stretch used to be a line of five trees that we had removed because they were more a pain in the butt than decorative or shade providing. Very hard to mow and trim around. Our neighbors are very pleased that we had this done. We have also had a good number of raised beds that we won’t be able to plant until upcoming spring.

    I was wondering why the landscapers didn’t offer us the “upgrade” of re-sodding instead of spreading seed. I think they were too far behind in their schedule. They were supposed to do this job in April and this “one-day” job took them four days to complete which explains their being behind schedule. Overall we are happy.

    This watering has become a vendetta and I will see it through. It is a bizarre kind of journey in both getting better tools and strategizing the best way to go about it. The physical effort is a shock but it is probably helping more than hurting me.

  3. It was quite a workout for a couple months but it is all stable right now and looks like one complete lawn again. We call that two-tier garden bed “The Wedding Cake”. We might put a garden gnome on top, not sure yet. Next year we start early spring.

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