Just so everyone knows up front, the new “reality” TV series Siberia is a fictional drama based on the reality TV show genre. In the first episode the cameraman wasn’t injured and the contestant didn’t die. Does that mean you shouldn’t watch? Not at all.

Everything on TV is fake. The dramas and comedies you watch are obviously fictional. The news is partly manufactured and highly edited by the big business concerns that own them — partial truths that intentionally lead you to false conclusions are the worst kinds of lies. Randy Jackson has recruited at least one eventual winner of American Idol. Your loved ones sometimes lie to you or keep things secret. And we lie to ourselves so that we don’t go stark-raving mad by a reality that does not nicely match our chosen world view.

If you enjoy the TV show Siberia then go ahead and watch it. Just don’t think anything you hear or see is actually real. The world before us is there to provide entertainment and drama; revel in it, but don’t take it too seriously.

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