It’s All Me

HappySadI have noticed how different people bring out different parts of me. And situations too. I remember once pausing before entering a room because a number of friends were discussing their opinion of me and I decided to listen for a couple minutes before barging in.

“Jim is one of the quietest shyest people I’ve ever met.”

“Are you kidding me? I’ve seen him walk onstage to perform in front of thousands of people and he acted like he owned the place.”

“No, he’s a great listener.”

“I can’t get a word in edgewise with him!”

“He’s not strong, but very athletic. Ever watch him climb up and walk across the top of a swing set?”


There were a lot of contradictory things said about me (I’m leaving out some negative things) and I found it very enlightening how it was all true. I am confident in some settings, very unsure in others. Arguably I am always truly me in spite of one person thinking I walk on water while another thinks I am evil incarnate.

7 thoughts on “It’s All Me

  1. As a kid, I would so often hear myself spoken about so I would stand in the hall to listen. Only as an adult do I realise they wanted me to hear and as none of it was positive, I see it as a form of child abuse. Now I don’t want to hear others’ opinions of me. It is only their opinion and reflects on them, not me!!
    But I certainly agree with the many sides of ourselves mirroring those around us.

    • That is a whole other topic, people’s opinions on things actually revealing a lot about themselves. It has been proven, for example, that the more homophobic you are the more likely you are to be gay and in denial. Strong feelings about something can be hard to read because it could be based on powerful experience, denial, learning, or many other things.

      As I get older, I’m 56 as I write this, I care less and less about what other people think of me. Aging can be freeing. I think I could die right now and have no regrets except that I think that my wife would miss me and I’m having fun living so I want to go on. It’s a really great place to be.

      • It is a great place to be, even when you’re sad I realise. I also enjoy caring less about others’ opinions of me. It used to hold me to ransom. Such a waste of my energy like putting your finger in the dam.

  2. As promised you did write about this! But I wasn’t notified! Glad I mosied on over to check if you had… since you told me on my blog that you were going to and I loved what you had to say! (WHY am I NOT getting notified?)
    I also find me relating to the fact that like you said… what annoys me the most in others is what I don’t like in myself…
    Write more like this one!!! I like the more personal stuff.
    (Even though my daughter just told me that I should write more instructional like you have been doing recently! Too funny… she says a blog shouldn’t be so personal. I should write about recipes and art projects! Smile… She can write about her Vegan recipes while I rip open my heart for all to see the oozing pain or love gone wrong stuff… to each her own! Smile.) 😉

    • Yes, Diane, the more personal stuff is the best and most compelling. There is a car insurance commercial out right now where a helicopter camera is following a good safe driver and a narrator is describing the action. I think it is wonderful and hilarious. It is the simple everyday things that affect us all and everyone can relate to. We would all do well to focus on what seems to be the mundane and boring because that is where we are at most of the time. What is most interesting is what we are dealing with and feeling on a daily basis even though it is not impressive.

      What is that greatest advice for novelists and song writers? Write about what you know. We would also be well advised to write about what we feel and see in our everyday lives. If we can add insight to everyday lives then we become valuable artists.

      Good one.

  3. Totally interesting. That. I am very sure that people have varying opinions about me. No one ever, ever knows how to interpret the introvert thing. And then, I can be total big mouth and everything in between. Confusing to some. I guess. I think it just makes me interesting 🙂

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