Lego Keyboard Stand


I tried and tried to find a tilted desktop stand for my music keyboard so that it would sit at a comfortable angle while writing music at my computer. The desk table is too high for comfortable playing with the keyboard laying flat. Either my elbows needed to be abnormally high or the keys needed to be tilted back toward me at nearly a forty-five degree angle. Sitting at my desk I need to play like I have Godzilla arms if the experience is to be comfortable. I’ve been at a loss to find a solution for a very long time and I finally decided to get a bunch of lego blocks to see if I could prototype a solution. As it turned out, the prototype is good enough as a final solution. Pictures and brief descriptions follow.

After a few failed attempts I came up with this sturdy wedge design.

Lego_2Obviously I needed at least two to hold the music keyboard.


Let’s put the keyboard on the stand and see how it looks. (It looks better this way, without cables plugged in, back view.)


And now from the front:


As with all experiments, the prototype needed testing. The idea was perfect for having elbows naturally low while keeping the wrist straight-even with the hand and forearm. While playing I found that the keyboard would slide away bit by bit. I added a hook to grab the edge of the table nearest me and now everything is perfect:


I did interlock the blocks as much as possible. The end result is remarkably sturdy and light β€” those things are hard to pull apart!

Interesting how a children’s toy can be used to create a perfectly usable end product. I bought a set of 723 identical 2×4 Lego blocks on eBay and I have 595 blocks left over. I’ll likely find a use for them.

7 thoughts on “Lego Keyboard Stand

  1. Ingenious! I have a tonne of lego that I bought at a garage sale when my kids were little. Always wondered what to do with it… I laughed out loud when I saw your ‘hooks’. I was expecting real ones with rubber suckers or something. Anyway how satisfying for you πŸ™‚ I love a good home project. You should put it on Pinterest or something on a Handy Hints board.

    • It seems the perfect solution for most any sort of stand. It feels like I am now looking for other little things to build, like a holder for my iPhone or iPad or a riser for my microphone which sits a little too low. It is like I have a new hammer and I’m looking for things to hit with it.

  2. They say the difference between men and boys is the price of their toys. You throw that theory out the window… but hey wait a minute! Maybe not so much…. when ya look at what you used the legos for! πŸ˜‰

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