Which Computer and Phone?

ComputerChoiceI’ve made a video describing a certain logic to follow when selecting which computer and smartphone you should purchase. My logic is based on my assumption that a company will tailor their software to work best on their own hardware. Given that, I narrow things down to one of three companies and a pair of devices to best suit the common user based on common types of needs. This really makes it easy to narrow down a seemingly endless number of possibilities into one of three options. If you find all of this stuff confusing, I hope this helps sort it out. A ten minute easy-to-watch video follows.


2 thoughts on “Which Computer and Phone?

    • I left out a lot of categories of people just because a lot of people are going to do what they are going to do. The category I’d like to address are those who hate Apple without ever giving them a try — that blows my mind. Most will enjoy whichever platform they embrace and learn, I’m just trying to give them a chance at a good experience no matter which direction they go.

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