WWDC 2013


I just watched Apple’s 3-hour keynote on upcoming hardware and software. My detailed review and analysis follows:

Whole-ly fuck!!!

That concludes my in depth commentary. You can watch for yourself at:


5 thoughts on “WWDC 2013

  1. I loved your summary and was so happy that you had the spare 3 hours to listen to this. I was all excited to read more and then…… Nothing :). Please sir, tell us more! 🙂

    • Do you use any apple products?

      There was so much on so very many fronts it is difficult to remember or decide what to mention. The thing with laptop hardware will be at least partly true with all future laptops from all vendors going forward, almost double the battery life and drastically improved graphics performance. The real news was in the system and software.

      Siri sounds remarkably better, like better than most people rather than sounding like a robotic voice. And many feature improvements to Siri and the kinds of commands she can handle. Siri can be a male as well.

      iWork in the Cloud was super impressive. High end office apps that work gorgeously from a browser, even with Chrome from a PC. The online Google suite of apps just got thoroughly trashed.

      Multiple monitor systems now work better where you can change spaces on only one monitor instead of all of them at once. Taking an app full screen does not disable the other monitors. Completely covering an app’s window drastically slows down its processor allocation so what is immediately before you gets the machine’s main horsepower.

      The iPhone software was gorgeous. Everything that was a little inconvenient to get at is now a simple gesture away. All the right features were improved and Apple did not chase after impressive looking things that people will never use, but those things you do use appear to have a gorgeous look and feel.

      The new Mac Pro is to die for, but it will not be for the common user. The great majority just don’t need that kind of horsepower and too much will be external add-ons that people take for granted but that real power users will appreciate being separate. It can run three 4K monitors at once. The specs on all fronts are jaw dropping.

      So very many things I am leaving out.

      If you are an Apple fan, you have to watch the video, and if not I can’t see you caring. The haters are still haters and the fans are overwhelmed by this latest reveal of where Apple is going. I’m awestruck and in no way do I intend to give a full blow-by-blow because it was already wonderfully done and readily accessible. If you don’t have time to watch it then, honestly, you don’t care.

      Just . . . WOW.

  2. Those who said Apple has lost their vision without Steve Jobs have been shown to be very wrong. I am excited about the new OSX version, Mavericks. I am excited about iOS 7. I am very excited about the coming Mac Pro, made in the USA. One of those may be in Jim’s future.

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