The Reverend J. Edward

There’s no sense mincing words, I’m going to hell for this. Maybe I should stop watching TV, because I had to react once I heard a politician rejecting the notion that sex leads to pregnancy and instead claiming it is God’s doing alone that causes a woman to bear a child. This is all I’m reacting to in the following video, as I have the greatest admiration and respect for anyone who means and does well toward others. Still, I’m going to hell for this. Watch:

13 thoughts on “The Reverend J. Edward

    • I wondered once where all the fun people go.

      We looked at a local minister’s home that was for sale just to check it out, and the whole place screamed of poshness and wealth. Not a whole lot of “Give all your money to the poor and follow Me” if you know what I mean. And that makes me think of the new and current pope who doesn’t want to live in the palatial vatican but instead wants to live meagerly. I don’t know much about him or where he’s actually living now, but that really impressed me.

  1. I would love to see the church try to expand the old fashioned way. One day the church is going to update it’s business plan and THEN watch out!

    • The “old fashioned way” I’m familiar with can be expressed as a flow chart where you can convert to Catholicism or be tortured until you do, which is a loop, and ultimately refusal meant execution. The religious freedom in the USA and the separation of church and state has its roots in how a Catholic ruler would slaughter the Protestants, and then a Protestant ruler would come into power and slaughter the Catholics. Our forefathers wanted to separate that governmental power from the religious zeal. Zeal should be for comic books. There are those who would make the USA a christian theocracy today and that would result in the horror we see today in the Middle East.

  2. I dunno if Julie or I ever mentioned that her religion teacher openly believes (and preaches) the same thing. She must be a follower of yours, Rev.

    Shall I make the cheque payable to the order of “CASH”?

    • You do know that the mainstream Catholic sensibility is to ban contraception because it prevents pregnancy. The belief that sex does not cause pregnancy is not the position of the church, just of certain fanatical fringe views. “Big Religion” like big business is and always has been way out of hand. Things get perverted when they get larger than they should be, like my ego.

      CASH: Catholics Are Shit-Heads. I can say that because I was born and raised Catholic. After studying the Bible closely I have converted to Ancient Alien Theorist. The many pyramid groupings throughout the world are all configured in the shape of Orion’s Belt. Many cultures that were not aware of each other and they all chose that one of many prominent star configurations. That is where these so-called gods are from.

  3. My computer kept refreshing the video so… I could not watch the whole thing. I love how much fun you are having with the video segments though… And love when your say ” Far-riends” like it’s two different words. πŸ™‚ I will try the video again when I get home – maybe it’s a bandwidth thing at work. Weird, but fun. Cheers.

    • WordPress has been having issues for the past day. I went through hell trying to upload the post while the rest of the internet was zippy. WP is 17% of the internet so they are bound to have issues now and then. The video is fun and it is my acting debut if you ignore that I was Don Quixote in grade school. First windmills, now organized religion. What’s next?

    • While one must render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, Discover wanted more than what should be Discover’s. I do regret how much time I must spend on business concerns as it detracts from my performing of the Lord’s will. Cash would be most expedient, and Caesar is not interested in God’s money so long as I stay out of the political sphere. How divine truth and government can get along at times, like a partnership of back scratchers.

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