American Idol Finalists 2013

AIFinal2013Two words: Told ya.

I called this a while back, although you can’t usually rely on the voting public to pick the best talent. For once the best two are in the final. Candice, on the right, should win if there is any justice left in the world.

The best competition show is coming up soon and if you only ever follow one it should be: So You Think You Can Dance. The auditions are usually particularly amazing. I highly recommend this particular show above all others of the genre. It starts May 14 & 15 on FOX.

I’m working on a video that might be really funny and I hope it doesn’t offend anyone that doesn’t deserve offending. Coming soon!

One thought on “American Idol Finalists 2013

  1. If there is any justice – Candice should win. She is amazingly talented. I am happy Kree made it to the finale as well. That seems like the right Top 2. It should be quite the battle.

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