Looks like I don’t have to write an article about this after all, I found it already written. Do not buy a laptop right now, maybe not any computer outside of a smartphone. Soon a new processor will be released called “Haswell” and that is going to make an amazing difference in the speed and battery life of laptops and will benefit desktop computers as well. I don’t worry about little speed increases, but I do wait for major processor changes like this because things are handled differently and remarkably better — speed, graphics, and battery most of all. Even if you don’t want the latest and greatest, the new machines coming out from all vendors will spike down the price of the machine you can buy today so if you wait you get the fantastic new thing or you get a great bargain on what you are about to get today. So give it a little more time if you possibly can. I provide a link for a proper article on this to read:


4 thoughts on “Haswell

    • You’re not kidding! The worst part about living in Thailand for us was power compatibility. We bought locally all we could but it was still a nightmare finding power and plug adapters. Going from direct current to alternating current, DC to AC, was interesting, and then there were those round pinned power plugs that would not stay in the wall without falling out. How quickly I forgot that little mess now that we’ve been back in the USA for a few years.

      • I’m packing up my house (again) and I have boxes full of cable extensions (because the two places I live have 1 x socket per room and 2 in the kitchen). Then there’s the box of plug adaptors (I finally threw the last Australian adapter out – just European and UK plugs now.
        Then there is the box of internet cables, the box of computer power cables, The box of…..

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