My New iPhone 5 (video)

My new iPhone came in the mail yesterday. It was everything I hoped it would be and no more and no less. It is nice having apps start up faster, it is really nice having web pages load remarkably faster. Those are the benefits of getting a newer device with faster electronics and is nothing unique to the iPhone. I did make a video remarking on Samsung’s ads making fun of Apple’s customers which is akin to insulting customers that you want to have. The video follows.

2 thoughts on “My New iPhone 5 (video)

  1. Wow. That was awesome. Your production value has really smoothed out edges now. I love the fading pop-ups/call out boxes. Nice touch and deftly executed. I learned a little about iPhone too. I just got my first cell phone last year. Phones are really not my thing but I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. Cheers.

    • Thanks so much! For me the phone is a phone, a camera, and a toy to distract me while waiting on something while not at home. The iPad is what we use most at home instead of our bad-assed computers on our desks. Couch surfing, reading, light gaming, even now responding in bed is how god meant things to be. The desk computer is for video production, music production, and other multi-window things where my 30-inch monitor feels cramped and super processing power is essential.

      The video thing is an epiphany. This one here took two tries with very sketchy notes. My one big screw up here was not making sure my microphone was working so I had to use the camera’s audio instead — the camera’s mic picks up too much unwanted sound, like that background rumbling from someone mowing grass outside.

      I am not a great video personality, but I am shocked how naturally this is coming to me. Teaching industrial safety classes to blue collar UAW workers who didn’t want to be sitting there helped me develop some presentation skills. The “pop-up video” with text boxes and now pictures is becoming the icing on the cake.

      I’m going to do a long series teaching a complete understanding of music while at the same time teaching how to play the piano, but I won’t start that until I feel comfortable with the process of doing all this and exploring what I can easily do. Once I start that, I’ll still do my general interest pieces because I have lots of interests and opinions to share.

      This is soooo much fun!

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