Animated Music – smalin


Hey, Stephen Malinowski posted what follows in a comment on my Piano Lessons page. You should really go and check this out. Stravinsky might not be your bag, but there are many other pieces visually rendered in completely different ways. Here’s three different examples of the many on his YouTube channel:





That should hold you until I produce my next smarmy video, coming soon!

2 thoughts on “Animated Music – smalin

  1. I’m not familiar with what the piece looks like in sheet music but are the ‘triangles’ in Beethoven’s piece in the same place as the written notes vertically?

  2. I believe the center of each “note” is where it should be on the staff, given there is no separation between staves where Middle C is located. It is deceptive because louder notes are depicted by larger symbols. I have software that will do this on separate tracks for each instrument. This is special custom software that puts each instrument superimposed together. I will show a less interesting graphic of how this works sometime in the future.

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