Street Musicians

JoshuaBell-1I wonder how many people who write blogs are hoping to be “discovered”. Gosh, someone is going to find me here and realize how special I am and I’m going to be famous and rich and it will be the American Dream come true! Gosh. While we’re at it let’s win the lottery, join the NFL by playing touch football in the front yard where a scout is more likely to see us than in the backyard, and let’s dig a hole and maybe we’ll find oil or gold! All equally as likely. Let’s take a little reality check by examining a true story.

In 2007 Joshua Bell played his Gibson at a metro station in Washington DC. He played six difficult pieces over a period of forty-five minutes and about 1,100 people walked by. Six people at various points stopped and listened for a short while before moving along. One little boy was mesmerized and his mother had to physically drag him away. Josh made thirty two dollars in that 45 minutes which ain’t bad where I come from.

Did Josh get discovered? Naw. He’s already been discovered. This was a marketing gimmick just to see what would happen.

A couple nights before he performed the same music for a sold-out audience at $100 per seat. The “Gibson”, aka Gibson ex Huberman was a three hundred year old Stradivarius violin that he acquired for about four million dollars. Dr. Bell is a world-class violinist. Guess what? Because people didn’t know who he was, nobody gave a shit. (I’m omitting the one person who did recognize him.)

Joshua Bell. Photo by Chris Lee

So here we are, some of us, doing our little blogs and wishing to be discovered and swept off our hopeful little feet. Let’s round off all of our collective chances to ten decimal places: zero.

I do what I love and love what I do. That’s all I could ever want. Thanks for stopping by and sharing a moment.

7 thoughts on “Street Musicians

  1. Yes I absolutely agree. We do it because we love it and stop when we don’t feel like it. The gain is in the choice to write or not. We are free and very lucky to be able to express ourselves at all.

    • Amen. We are luckier still when someone — anyone — bothers to stop and see what we did, even giving us a little pat on the back. People are busy with their own lives and looking for that pat for themselves. So we do what is intrinsically rewarding and give each other a pat now and then.

  2. This countryside of mine called ‘Blogger Country’ is a wonderful place, where every little gesture is appreciated. We do what we do because we love to do it.

  3. LOL. You crack me up. Dude, let people dream…. 😉 Dreaming is okay. I appreciate the point about doing what you love just because you love it as well. I love the pic of Bell. It’s almost like he’s merged with the instrument. Amazing.

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