Alms for the Poor

You know I sometimes wonder about people of various religious faiths, but somehow I never wonder about those, like myself, who have alternate views. I mean, I don’t pray or go to church and believe the whole mystique is built around aliens publicly manipulating and teaching people thousands of years ago. Regardless of so-called beliefs, they all revolve around helping others in need and not around hoarding wealth. It seems to me that true charity is character driven and not inspired by religious beliefs as such. There are good and bad people in all categories.

The following picture amuses me. I think I would have dropped a twenty dollar bill in the atheist bowl just because of the sheer genius behind the idea:


At face value it appears that agnostics, atheists, and Buddhists are following the religious “script” and all the others not so much. Given this was not just posed for a cute picture, it still does not measure who walked by without donating anything.

Me? Atheist so far as god having Santa Claus style omniscience and omnipotence. I have half my liquid assets tied up helping four different households have a home they can afford while I play banker — I don’t charge late fees and if things are tough I just push back the loan a month or so without interest (4% annual otherwise). I don’t ever give to any organized charity and assume it is true that most street beggars have jobs and are drug addicts or simply make more money than I do through begging. I’ll hold a door open for anyone no matter how they are dressed.

But this guy here takes the cake and I’d buy him one just for making me laugh at the concept. Thanks, dude, you made my birthday.

Happy birthday to Diane on May 2, happy birthday to me May 3, and happy birthday to Nathie May 4. There, I’m covered.

4 thoughts on “Alms for the Poor

  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Happy Birthday back at ya! I need to post. Lots been happening this week. Gotta write about it. But gotta go to work now! As for this pic… it is all relative… how many believers, non believers etc… walk by, or even read his sign… I have always been a giver. When I first saw a “Will Work For Food” sign I was scrambling to empty my purse in their hands… not so much anymore for a number of reasons. I guess it is on a case to case basis and if my heart is touched. Whether someone is legit or not… I figure God will see my heart and theirs and I only have to answer for me. But some of these “dudes” make more money than we do! In this case… it was the core of manipulative. I don’t need to prove my heart or God’s credibility by giving or just walking by here… I see how you might see the humor here but if this guy is so clever… he needs to go get a job. Take this picture to a marketing firm and make an appointment with the cell phone I am sure he has in his pocket!
    Have a great weekend! 😉

  2. Funny, I just saw this same picture on FB yesterday and was debating within myself if it was genius or mischief. Not that it matters. I make it a rule to not donate to people who are sitting on the street begging. Not money or cake or whatev. Nor do I donate to organized charities since learning that most of their CEOs live high on the hog and drive fancy cars, live in million dollar homes… No! Sorry. Provide me with your financial statements, make your actions public record and provide 100% transparency (that goes for street beggars too). Maybe I’ll consider you. Probably I won’t. Still, I’m good people. I donate food to food drives and soup kitchens to feed the “real” poor. I donate time and supplies to the animal shelter since those creatures can’t make a living begging on the street. I open doors, help my elders carry their groceries to the car and I’ve even been known to, on occasion, pay the fuel bill at the gas station for the person behind me in line without even turning around so I didn’t know if they looked like they needed it or not. I sleep just fine at night.

    Thanks for the b-day wishes Jim. It was a good day!

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