I Ordered a New Phone

iPhone5I did my research online, I held them in my hand, and even gave each lucky candidate the dreaded pocket test. I’m disappointed in that I wanted to try an Android or Windows phone just for the novelty of exploring and setting up something entirely different for me. Sadly, nothing from those platforms could capture my imagination. Amongst those I scrutinized are:

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy S3


Nokia Lumia 920

Google Nexus

And a host of others.

I studied specs and reviews and videos on YouTube. I also went out and tried everything I could put my hands and eyes on. Sadly, I guess, changing platforms was not in the cards.

A video explaining it all follows.

4 thoughts on “I Ordered a New Phone

  1. Temitoria,

    Your well crafted writing skills combined with your down-to-earth genuine approach are what I so much enjoy about your blog. It is comfortable to read and endearing. I so wish more people could produce blog articles such as yours. “toriascribbles” is a relatively new find for me and I’ve been very busy lately. I do want to pour through more of your writing as it makes me feel very much at peace and at home. You richly deserve those three awards and you honor me greatly by passing one on to me. These awards between bloggers allow us to share appreciation between each other and even though there is no official sanctioning body, being appreciated by your peers is the greatest honor of all.

  2. Wow. I love these videos. You are really great at explaining things. Picking new digital products drives me bonkers. There is so much research to do, making it more confusing than anything. I appreciate your system for picking a phone, especially the pocket test. Really smart stuff..

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