Julve Sings Again

JulveThis is a lovely little instrumental. Jan Antonie Baars from the Netherlands is on guitar and I am playing the bass part. We met online while I was living in Thailand through our MySpace musician pages. We were e-mailing back and forth with chord ideas for a song and were taking our sweet time about it over a couple months while getting to know each other more than anything else. Meanwhile I was listening to his music and he was listening to mine.

(The Telesforo Julve pictured on the left is likely the same model the song was named after and performed on.)

Without warning I received a message from Jan that he had just restored and sold an antique guitar and he recorded his part of the song we were working on with it right before he let it go with only two days warning. I liked it so much that I wanted to stay out of his way so I just added a bass part and called it finished. From this little exercise I began to realize that I was a bass player trapped inside a keyboard player’s body.

A lot of work went into constructing this and then it was a rush job to record it and be done with it. Jan and I did go on to do a couple other songs which are already in my players, namely, “Leave Me” and “Stupid Is”. He was going to do some work on “Finding Diane” but he’s been too busy being married and raising a baby and working. Last I knew his studio was packed up in boxes.

So here it is, my first cooperative original effort, with Jan doing the guitar work and me on bass. “Julve Sings Again” is in the little player below and in one of the players in the right-hand margin. I hope you like it:

3 thoughts on “Julve Sings Again

    • Ton,

      Your comment was caught in my spam filter. I’ve sent you an e-mail requesting the photo and I’ll replace the picture here with that one. If you like I’ll send you an MP3 of this song if you don’t already have it. People can have whichever song they like except Hallelujah which I can’t for copyright reasons.

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