The Great Lighting Experiment

One of the biggest problems with taking a good picture is having enough light and having that light angled properly. I am definitely no expert on this, but I thought you might like to see what having less and more light does to a video; indeed, having more than one light source seems to be very important, particularly while wearing a hat.

Pictured below is my cheap lighting setup. In the upper left is the “over light” and the lower right of the picture features the “under light”. Forgive the quality of the photo, I gave my good camera contained in a phone to a piano student because her phone broke. The phone I gave her is locked to Sprint (which I am no longer with) and her family uses a Sprint family plan, so what the hell, right? (I think her dad is going to pay me for it, not that I asked.)


Let’s look at the video and see what a lack of light does to a video and also watch the progression as I attempt to add more light. When the “Pop-Up Video” text mentions Spock’s ears it should have instead mentioned Spock’s eyebrows. My bad.

I don’t think I’m ever going to resolve this issue with the light reflecting off my glasses, let alone my pupils. Anyone have a preference for which lighting scheme I tried? All three lights together seemed best to me, but the damned reflection on the glasses is awful.

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