Walmart Withdrawal

WalmartIt’s been about six months since we have been to our local Walmart, or to any Walmart for that matter. We feel that their business practices are unfair as their lowered prices drive smaller stores out of business and they don’t pay their people enough to live on. Their break areas even have posters about how to get food stamps and welfare to supplement their income ā€” the gall! Of the big box stores we shop exclusively at Costco and shun Sam’s Club (a part of Walmart). But today was different.

Today we were locally shopping for lighting solutions for my videos. None of the other stores in our town had anything remotely close to what might work so we landed in Walmart as a last resort without driving forty minutes to the big city.

I found a lamp that clamps to a table which will point upward toward my face to offset the overhead light which shines down and casts a shadow on my face. That is working and the next time I post a video you will start seeing more consistent quality. Cathy found a few knick knacks while I was humoring my perfectionist tendencies and we went through the cashier line.

After paying for our stuff, there before us was the new Scotts fertilizer spreader with the bag of fertilizer that clips onto the spreader. We’ve seen that on TV and I wanted it. We decided to go with the plain fertilizer instead of the weed and feed because Cathy loves birds and bees more than I hate dandelions and crabgrass. So I went through the line a second time while Cathy waited patiently with the cart containing the items we already purchased.


While putting our purchases in the back of the car I reminded Cathy that we still needed to go grocery shopping and gave her the option of getting our food here at Walmart instead of our regular place, Family Fare. For the change of pace, and since we were already there with a great parking space, we went back in and along with our necessary healthy foods we somehow bought a lot of carby things. My weight is at the bottom end of my goal range so I didn’t care so much about that; still, I noted, poor people are fat because carby foods like Ramen and bread and potatoes are cheap.

As I was sliding my card through the magic money machine at the cash register I asked the cashier what the record was for the number of times going through the line and buying something without moving your car. She didn’t know so I told her this is our third trip through and she said, “That’s gotta be a record.”


Somebody call Guinness, we earned our mention in the book of world record holders. And now we start going for our new personal best, seeing how long we can go before entering Walmart again.

6 thoughts on “Walmart Withdrawal

  1. I wish Costco sold canned vegetables other than green beans and corn. Of course I prefer fresh, and buy a lot of fresh vegetables, but those do not stay fresh and edible for the 4 weeks on average until our next Costco trip. But I got the ingredients to make the first small batch of ratatouille for the year. I seriously need to make gallons of this stuff and pressure can it, it’s that good. JIM likes it, and he hates half the ingredients.

  2. The world is full of people moaning about ‘there isn’t a butcher shop in the village’ and ‘you can’t buy fresh bread any more’ then you see them driving out of hypermarkets with their car stuffed full.

    We get the communities we deserve.

    • I have to agree with you fully about people getting the world they deserve. For me the worst hypocrisy are christians whose Jesus espoused helpful kindness to the needy and peace and forgiveness to everyone instead being greedy war mongers who want to take away other’s free will, particularly in being anti-gay. Thankfully there are truly good religious people as well, so there is hope.

      We do have a few fairly local places like Mooville which is a dairy that makes their own ice cream, cheese, and other milk products. We ate there recently and the prices were a little higher but everything was homemade and fresh. Astoundingly good, right down to the Amish-made bread and fresh butter. It is a horrible shame that places like Mooville are not the rule instead of the exception. We had visitors from New York recently — a gourmet’s paradise — and they said Mooville had the best ice cream they ever tasted. There could be so many more places like Mooville if only people would lay off the big chain businesses.

      • I can understand poor people going to walmart to save dollar but middle class people should support their local businesses.

        As for ‘Christians’? Never actually met one who followed their leader.

  3. It would be much easier to support our local businesses if there were any good local businesses to support. Groceries are the best example. The wonderful local supermarket sold out to a chain a few years ago and now it is neither locally owned nor wonderful. In fact, the grocery situation in the area was so dire that the local Walmart expanded their grocery department to a full supermarket, minus the deli and bakery. The Walmart was only supposed to have the usual 2 or 3 small aisles of milk, cereal, and snacks, but the manager knew a larger grocery section would be profitable.

    There is one small grocery shop in town that specializes in meat, and they are wonderful, but they simply do not carry the non-meat things I want to buy, and their scrawny 2 pound chickens are too small for roasting. So we buy meat there, and the random bunch of green beans or broccoli. We can shop at the chain store or Walmart in town, or go 30 miles to Meijer’s, a regional store that has groceries as well as everything else, plus has unionized employees. Or Costco, same distance, also unionized.

    And we can buy Mooville dairy products in town, driving 12 miles to the dairy, or driving 30 miles to Meijer’s.

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