Viewer Discretion is Advised

Todays video features two topics: the first is tones of voice and their effect, and the second is about what sized TV set to buy for optimal viewing. The following diagram shows the four-to-one ratio that is the closest you should be for regular prolonged viewing. It is important to note that it is the height of the screen, not the diagonal measure that TVs are marketed by that is important.


The furthest you should be is a seven-to-one ratio. The video follows.

That is probably the largest and clearest I can make my own image. I had a bright lamp shining directly on my face and that seemed to do the trick for clarity.

With this new theme for the blog I can use larger images and I’m hoping the information I try to convey will be a better experience because of it. I don’t like how the widgets in the right-hand column are spread out vertically and I will try to do something about that in the future if I can figure out how this thing is rendered through the CSS (cascading style sheet).

You might notice how everything will move around and resize if you narrow the window of your browser, everything reformats except the video. I did enlarge the video to fill my entire thirty-inch monitor and it was pretty clear, but a bit overwhelming β€” the four-to-one ratio was more like one-to-one and it was a bit much having my face that big.

2 thoughts on “Viewer Discretion is Advised

  1. That is so very kind of you to say, Joy! I have noticed that some people are difficult to photograph and capture the real them. We experience people as living moving things and sometimes taking a snapshot does not favor them. That is a small liqueur glass with black coffee in it (there is condensation on the top part of the glass). When I took that picture of myself is seemed to look better obscuring part of my face. I also like the bizarre way I am holding the base of the glass, gripping that base from the side so that I am not obscuring any part of it.

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