Under Construction

UnderConstructionI’m playing around with themes today. The content of past articles will not be changed, I’m just playing around with the look and feel. Please no comments about what you do or don’t like today because I might repeatedly change themes and colors.

Not wanting to be sexist or beholden to stereotypes, I chose a female construction worker to try and break the mold. She is known to belch loudly and make rude gestures along with suggestive remarks when a cute guy walks by. A girl’s got to entertain herself, right? Men walking by have been observed to quicken their pace while staring straight ahead with a slightly distressed look on their faces.

4 thoughts on “Under Construction

    • Yay! I have solved the riddle of how to get people to comment: ask them to not comment. A brilliant application of reverse psychology. I think I’m keeping this theme as of this writing. I’ve been wanting a wider space and this is the widest I could find. It does self-adjust if you narrow it down, but I doubt all content will reformat, probably just the text.

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