Adobe’s Cloudy Judgement

Today’s video blog is about Adobe’s Creative Cloud and their effort to take money from you through a subscription each month. I cropped their ad using Apple’s system software and then adjusted it a little bit with the Preview application that comes standard with every Macintosh. I sometimes use an app called Pixelmator when I want to do fancier stuff, costing me a one-time purchase of $14.99 and I highly recommend it.

The video itself is a mess. I did it without a script, winging it, and I had to start over four times and then delete two portions as I forged on. You can’t really see exactly what I’m doing but it is unimportant. This was an exercise in zooming in on the screen rather than zooming in on the mouse and I suppose I should have done some of both. I’m getting there.

10 thoughts on “Adobe’s Cloudy Judgement

  1. I’ve always been a big fan of Macs in general and Adobe in particular, but I feel that, in more general terms, commerce as a whole is becoming worryingly hard-edged, with consequences that are difficult to predict. Google Chrome is automatically offered as a download with some applications (e.g. Adobe’s trial version of Acrobat) whereas, in an ideal world, the option would be to add it if required. In short, I wonder where it will all lead us. Keep trucking, John Morton.

    • This whole relatively new Harvard Business School model of minimizing expenditure while maximizing short-term profits is doing a tremendous amount of harm. We need to be craftsmen who are satisfied with making a decent living while not trying to squeeze every last penny out of people. The long strategy is making a quality product that people value and can afford. The short-term strategy is going to alienate customers and the domino effect will — hopefully — topple the greed structure and hopefully elevate more sensible entrepreneurs. Sadly, the capitalist box we live in seems to necessitate this new business model once a company reaches a certain size.

  2. This was great information! I think you should take time to categorize it as you did tag it!!! I see these going viral!!! I do think that you should take more time to network in the same fields you are focusing on. For instance there is a great blog called Time Thief where most of her focus is updating and assisting us in naviaging around wordpress. She does an awesome job though a lot is over my head technically. It wouldn’t be over yours! Smile.

    • I’m really excited by all this. It’s easy, if somewhat time consuming. The big victory on this particular entry is the clarity of my face on the video. I’m going to have to completely redo my office so that the video camera can be immediately above the computer screen instead of immediately between the screen and myself so I have difficulty looking around it to see the computer screen behind it. I also like the full-screen picture of my head although my face is still unnaturally red.

      I want a product I can be proud of before I push getting more exposure, although I appreciate your encouragement toward that next step. Please feel free to continue as it shows you care and like the content and I really do need help along certain lines.

      But. I really need to focus on the production aspects of what I’m doing and then push the product. My page hits are up although not remarkably so. For today it’s word of mouth, for tomorrow, I will push the whole “Hey, look at me!” aspect. First things first.

      I have just completed subscribing to the “One Cool Site” thing and will look it over as I have time. I’m only on page 56 of 174 of the instruction manual for the software that captures my screen and manipulates all the video and audio elements I throw into the project. I feel very lucky to have copiously researched stumbled on some really effective tools.

  3. I am little over Adobe and their redundancy. It seems every six months they have an upgrade and usually not for the better. But I think you are dead on, in that, why pay a monthly fee for something that can be done without their software.

    • The point that I think Adobe is missing is that people who pirate Photoshop have made them the de facto standard. Everyone uses it and thus takes for granted that it is the only tool for the job. As Adobe solves the piracy issue by going entirely to the cloud — which they have not yet done — “the people” will move on to something else and the cultural assumption that Photoshop is the only tool for doing simple things will dissipate. That will stop people who don’t need Photoshop but still scrape the money together for it from buying it. Then only the true professionals will use it and a vast amount of money is going to simply vanish from Adobe’s coffers.

      Piracy is a very important piece of the super-sized business model and only Apple Computer seems to get it. When you buy software from Apple it is not copy protected, DRM free as it were. I buy a song from iTunes and then I can just give it to you. Guess who cornered that market and is raking in boatloads of cash?

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