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vector dollar iconI’ve been getting bugged lately by people wanting to advertise here on my blog. I have already paid WordPress money to guarantee that there would be no advertising, which can appear to non-WordPress bloggers who stumble in here. I also don’t want to use YouTube for the same exact reason: YouTube videos have ads that sometimes appear before the content, and after you view the video it takes you to places other than where I might want.

Google is getting pretty invasive. It seems that no matter where I go online there are ads relevant to me. Yesterday I blogged about the band Black Sabbath and I used Google to look up lyrics to insert into my video. Today I looked up the band Wishbone AshΒ and on the right-hand column of YouTube there were a ton of Black Sabbath videos for me to click on and watch. Also, often when I go to view content that has ads, those ads are related to searches for products I have recently checked out on Google via their Chrome web browser. What I can’t decide is whether this invasiveness pisses me off or whether I like it; I mean, do I want to look at ads of things I don’t care about or ads I do care about? I guess I don’t like it because it is too obvious that Google is trying to use me to make money without my permission.

Back to my main point.

I have recently gotten e-mails and phone calls from businesses wanting to advertise on my blog here. Are any other people getting bothered this way? These are legit offers although I don’t know how lucrative they might be. The main e-mail that has repeatedly popped up is not automated and wants to give me an annual lump sum and even offered guest professional articles once in a while (which I absolutely don’t want). On the phone I have a short fuse and won’t even hear them out.

I do know one thing: I am busy becoming right now. For better or worse the videos and screencasts are going to continue and hopefully get better. Once I get into a production groove, which will be soon, I will be able to focus on the content more than the mechanics of putting it all together; it will always be an issue, but until I somewhat master the tools I am more focused on cameras and mics and video software than about content.

More retro clipart at difficulty for me is that once I have a set method to my madness, do I want ads? And if so, how many? I hate ads but I’m kind of fond of money, and there’s the impasse.

The answer to these ad people for the immediate time being is “No.” However, if I start getting popular and the offer is good enough then the answer becomes, “I don’t know.” This bothers me.

10 thoughts on “Online Advertising

  1. I think that if you can control what is displayed on your site the ads can be just fine. Even valuable because the readers know that there has been some editorial oversight. For example, I don’t find the advertising in Daring Fireball offensive or bothersome.

    On the other hand if all you are selling is a box where someone else puts whatever they want then it can be an issue.

    Have you thought about advertising YOUR services first? More than just the link at the top of the page.

  2. I just went to Google and could not find me when entering my general location area and the words “piano lessons”. I’m thinking that if I want to grow that business I should first attempt to correct that. I can better find myself on Google Maps because I bothered to register with that.

    But yes, having control over what ads do or do not appear would be much more palatable to me if I decide to go in that direction. For the time being I feel I need to increase the traffic here by at least a factor of ten first.

    This is a toy for me and a sort of vanity site. First and foremost I want to keep it that way. I was thinking of soon starting video piano lessons here so I can better flush out the song writing and theory aspects such that I provide a standard for performance and at the same time also provide a level of understanding. A more complete picture of playing/performing/understanding/song writing would be more reasonable.

  3. Maybe it is because you are a paid site? I would think that advertisers would approach blogs that have high traffic volume and yet I can recall in the past,discussing ways with you to generate more traffic here. In way of tagging and naming different categories. Though I have found this blog very informative, I feel people are missing out on your expertise!!! And it has baffled me why more people don’t seem to comment. That is just strange to me that you are getting so many offers for paid advertisers to use your blog as a sales opportunity. Maybe they see what I do and know you will soon go viral with all of your expertise and gadgets… as you start out now, they see your potential? Which is what I can only guess. Or… since you pay for our site, it has something to do with that. But for now I’d just like to think that they can predict that you are about to be the musician guru of blogs! By the way did you notice that your blog stats says blot stats? Just an FYI… πŸ˜‰

    • I was thinking that maybe it was just that my blog is a paid site, my ego wants to think that the metrics suggest that I will be breaking out soon. I do tags and I do categorize, although I could do both better and more consistently. My topics have been all over the map and 1200 unique tags so far is a testament to that.

      One thing you seem to do much more than I is to network with other bloggers. There is certainly reciprocation to regular meaningful comments on articles. Going forward I do want followers from outside the blogosphere as well, maybe predominantly so. There are certainly some now that follow by RSS and I don’t know how many. Page hits are the important metric there. A subscriber who doesn’t ever come to view content is not much of a subscriber.

      My initial “plan” was to write some sort of article or entry each day for a year and just see what comes of it. I started here November 10, 2012. As my own worst critic, I have been dissatisfied with my content along with the look and feel. What I have been experimenting with most recently β€” video and screencasts β€” is proving to be very promising. Less words, more pictures and video. Just last night I figured out how to position my new video camera between myself and my computer monitor and that monitor needs to be raised up a few inches on the wall.

      What should I call “Blog Stats” or should it be there at all? I think I’ll just remove it since the Stats page tells me what I want to know along those lines. Sometimes less is more.

  4. Ah… glad you brought this up. I have gotten two offers so far. If it matters, here they are…

    1) Media Discovery
    This was the same lump sum payment thing.

    2) Total Marketing
    This one was for guest editorial referencing (whatever that is) for $100. They wanted to advertise Adam and Eve, which is a sex toy site. Eh. I just want dildos popping up on my site. Too weird (even for me?!)

    Honestly, I’ve never thought about advertising. But I have not responded yet. And I don’t know if I will. I work in technology and I am very weary about just linking to stuff without researching it first, etc. Anyway, that is what I got so far… I’d be happy to share all info. Not a problemo.

  5. Oops! I don’t care if you leave their email in – it’s not proprietary, but maybe just leave the company if you can edit it for me. The company was the important part anyhoo… Thanks.

    • Fixed. The first one from Media Discovery offered me both a lump sum and guest “professional” articles. The person writing me was Eva. I have also heard from Total Marketing, your second reference. There’s either a lot of money in online marketing or it is the final frontier in the grab for the last bits of scattered coins. Who knows? If I started to get paid for what I’m doing I’d feel responsible to someone and I desperately don’t want to go there. If I want to write “no thank you” that’s fine, and if I want to instead write, “fuck that shit” then I want to feel free to as well. Bloggers just want to have fun, right?

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