I’ve read a number of reviews after first watching Funny or Die’s new production “iSteve”. It is being slammed for inaccuracies and for being a parody catering to fan boys.

Yeah, all of that is accurate literally. Metaphorically it is brilliant and will likely be the most accurate telling of the Steve Jobs story ever. Sure, they left out critical long stretches of his life building Next Computer where the current Mac operating system came from and from his time with Pixar. One thing they could have stressed more is how the Macintosh was designed from the ground up with the intent of merging electronics with the humanities; that the motion picture industry, the music industry, and the publication industry mainly use the Macintosh as their essential computer tool. I bought the original Macintosh back in 1984 and have never understood the fuss about the PC and Windows. Finally the world is starting to get it.

The iSteve Movie is 80 minutes long. Watch it if you can spare the time.


4 thoughts on “iSteve

  1. YOU watch Funny or Die???
    My daughter’s short film got on there! Now… let me start out by saying that it was written by her friend Cameron Thrower who is an up and coming film maker and I love him but his subject matters may not always be my first choice for my daughter. And you know me…I want to support her but if you watch this you may understand why I didn’t put this on the front page of my blog. Even though I am so proud of her… this is just not the kind of movie a mom might carry around in her brag book. Though Brooke shines! Her comedic timing is right on and her acting is so good… (do I sound proud?) and some may find the movie funny. But from a mom’s perspective… the subject matter is kind of too off color for me to take on over to my mom’s and click it on for them to see… But since we are friends and you are not a prude obviously if you watch Funny or Die (lol)
    I will share it here… with you… it is called One Day Stand and it is exactly what you might think… The first shot on One Day Stand’s page is not exactly the one I would have chosen but I guess it is a good showcase for my baby’s talent… I guess…. lol….
    I will say that she tried to talk Cameron into changing a few lines and was able to change a few… but here it is….

    • I have never watched anything on Funny or Die before the iSteve movie. I did just watch Brooke’s movie. What a wonderful statement about the complete disconnect between people who are trying to communicate. Even when people speak the same language they are usually coloring what they see and hear by their misconceptions. Brooke’s acting was wonderful, perfectly in character. She is quite good. No complaints or criticisms, just admiration and applause.

      I would have cut the final scene, that ruined the piece as a statement about communication and made her character out to be an idiot (which the character was in any event, I suppose). Still, the parting scene at Home Depot was the perfect ending for me and I will keep it that way in my head.

      • you ARE right!!!!!! That would have been the perfect ending. Why did it matter to me what you thought? I am late for work now but I had to read your reply and I love it. Thank you I will cherish it! That really was the message that Cameron was trying to get out… The mention of Jesus in the beginning stung… but ya know me…
        But Brooke’s thoughts were she just wanted to portray a crazy lady as best as she could.
        Thanks Jim!

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