Radium Demo

I’m doing an experiment today to see how a special video effect works out for doing demonstrations on the computer. I need to see the end result in WordPress so I know how it comes through. You get to be a guinea pig and can give feedback if you like. I really should have rehearsed this before doing it, but that’s part of the fun.

And there you have it. Hopefully the zoomed in areas were not too blurry to see what is going on. Usually to sharpen an image you shrink it, not expand it. All in all I think it worked, albeit not as slick a presentation as I might have hoped.

Below is my desk where I just made the video. Note how I have a lamp pointed at the wall above the monitor to brighten myself up a little bit without that light being too harsh. I need to change the background image because the color from the monitor turned my face a bright red and I had to do some adjustments to fix that.

See you next time.


9 thoughts on “Radium Demo

  1. This was great! I loved getting to see who you really are! I was not disappointed! You know when you have a image of a house in your head and then you go there and you are kind of disappointed? Well, everything about this was exactly in my head. Funny, I imagined it all exactly how you shared! Except for Cathy with her knitting! Next time ya gotta include her!
    You really are a great teacher! You remind me of one of the regular Tutorals on You Tube! Reeeally great job! I still stick to the difference between men and boys quip! 😉 But you deserve it!

    • I’m so glad you were not disappointed. When I watch this I look at it critically and think of what I could have done better. The webcam instead of the video camera is a mixed blessing because the poorer picture of me while lacking in quality and frame rate also covers up little flaws in my appearance. Unfortunately Cathy would not want to be included in a video. If I’m camera shy she is camera phobic. If she wants to demonstrate a knitting technique I would certainly handle the production end.

      Your compliments are really encouraging and I need to make note of that effect. One thing I should have done more of was sarcastic textual comments on my own presentation. I only did it once where I mentioned the microphone I was using and how the viewer can probably see at least some of it and then while putting it together I noticed that the mic was not in view at all in the video so I inserted the text “No Jim, we can’t see the mic.” I think a little self-effacing snarky-ness like that adds a humor aspect and I can also use that to correct inaccuracies in what I am saying without redoing the whole thing.

      This is really fun to do and I’d like to do it a lot more going forward. The software to do all this is amazingly simple to use and I can’t understand why people don’t take better advantage of the tools available in their presentations. It dawned on me that rather than zooming in on the mouse pointer at certain points it would have been more effective to simply zoom in on that area of the screen to make it all more stable. Practice makes perfect. Interesting how the imperfections make the whole thing more personable. I also noted how music in the background adds a lot so I’ll have to explore that aspect a lot more.

    • I did assume the video would play. I was more concerned with the clarity of the presentation and whether the text is readable on the screen, that you can tell what on earth I’m doing, that sort of thing. I’ll get better, being my own worst critic. But, yeah, it is great to know it worked at all. Naturally after the fact I watched it a few times and figured out a better approach. This is all tremendously interesting to me.

      • Oh right! The content was great. It actually inspired me to look up iOS apps to do a similar thing for Penny. Everything on the screen was readable too.

      • Awesome. On iOS I have a program called “ooTunes Radio”. I think the “oo” is supposed to represent the infinity symbol. It works well.

  2. Jim, Holy crap – that was so cool! I love how you explain things. You really have a great broadcaster voice – it’s totally awesome. I was completely mesmerized – like I’d never seen a video before or something. I look forward to the next installments. I’d say that was a successful experiment. Cheers.

    • I used to hate my voice. Only recently have I recorded it with a decent quality mic and I’m shocked! I’ll be doing a few more experiments and finish studying the video software I’m using (reading the manual and trying things out). Once I can get it as slick as I can I’ll probably get into some sort of format where I’m focused more on the content than the mechanics of the creation process. I think I just figured out how to place my better-than-webcam video camera between myself and my monitor for at-the-computer recordings. WordPress screws with the quality so I can only get it so good. At least I can blame something else other than myself!

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