Schooling Myself

MagicianBirdsI’ve been busy learning about things lately. I read the manual for my new video camera and discovered that I had already figured out everything that matters to me on my own. I am reading and trying out techniques with my video screen capture program and am finding out a whole lot of things I didn’t know it could do, beyond capturing what is happening live on my computer monitor while recording my voice, and adding videos and combining it all together. That software I have been using on a very basic level and I’m discovering there’s a whole lot more it can do. Hopefully I can make much better productions in the near future.

I like all this learning stuff because it gives me the power to do things I couldn’t do before and it enables me to do things more easily and more effectively. I hope to never stop having the urge to explore and learn and become more capable in one way or another. I can only rehabilitate my hands so much, but my knowledge and computer skills are starting to make leaps and will more than make up for my other limitations.

One very important thing I stumbled on is that I can use the expensive sound collections I purchased late last year with my music scoring program, the one that shows the music notes on the staff. I thought that thing could only use its own built-in sounds but I was wrong. I was reading an unrelated article and from that I thought, ‘Maybe those sound samples I bought for Logic Pro could also be applied inside Finale.’ It couldn’t hurt to try so I tried to open one of the fancy orchestral instruments in Finale (the scoring program) instead of Logic Pro (the music production program) and it was like a grand divine revelation. I don’t expect you to understand from my general statements, but I just found a boatload of marvelous tools that I didn’t know was in the back of the shed.

Bottom line, I’m expecting to be able to do much much better than what I have been doing, but it will take a while to blend all this stuff together effectively. I’ve still got some reading and skill building to do with certain things first and that is going to be a lot of fun as an end in itself. I have three time-consuming appointments tomorrow but I still want to try out a video experiment and see if I can get it posted for tomorrow’s article. It will be an exercise in zooming the area around the cursor as I demonstrate how a simple program works. The exercise is the thing, and exploring how to make it work. Streaming live radio into your computer from your favorite radio stations “back home” is what I’ll be showing, but my interest in showing how to do that is really just an exercise in using new unrelated tools.

So on the horizon is better made video, better produced music, and a better (more skilled) me. It’s a wonderful thing discovering the next big level of what your toys tools can do to make what you do world’s better. Now that I’ve shot my mouth off it’s time for putting my nose to the grindstone — that’s always the best part for me.

3 thoughts on “Schooling Myself

  1. The difference between men and boys are the price of their toys! 😉
    Actually, Your fade in and outs are pretty impressive… so far if you figured all that out without reading the instructions, well, I have to smile.

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