Snail Mail

Want to give yourself a little unexpected tickle? When you fill out all those little text fields when you buy things or subscribe to something, make sure you fill in all the boxes that don’t apply to you with nonsense and then forget about it. Today I received a notice to renew my subscription to Keyboard Magazine. I cropped out my home address (available on request to some) and the top part of the address is pictured below.



And there you have it. My name, title, and business name as it appeared in the address window. Fill something like that in and forget about it for a year and see how surprised you’ll be one day.

(“Timbral” is a derivative of timbre which has to do with musical tone such that a flute sounds different than a trumpet even though they play the same pitch and hold it for the same duration at the same loudness).

That’s it. Two big posts the past two days, I’m on break today.

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