The Young Ones – 01

micYay! It’s original music time!

My thirteen-year-old piano student came today for her seventh piano lesson and for an absolute beginner she is progressing rather well. Her father initially told me that she wants to play and sing, and so far until the playing becomes more comfortable that isn’t going to work. Still, I had a little surprise waiting for her that I sprung at the end of her regular lesson.

I started a new piece of music with her voice in mind. I laid down initial tracks of low strings, a tubular bell, and kick and snare drums. I wrote 60 seconds worth of words to be spoken with a bit of a rhythmic feel. It is not RAP, it is not a melody, and not really poetry either. It is a statement that is the introduction to a song, setting the tone.

I presented the following to her. It is my voice speaking over the soundtrack, but once she learns the feel of the spoken track we will replace my voice with hers. After she excitedly accepted and left I e-mailed her the words and two MP3s, one with my voice and one without my voice. Her assignment is to first learn to say the words along with my recorded voice and then be able to do the same without my recorded guidance. Simple, right?

Without further explanation here is a video which will display the words as I speak them. Instead of my old voice there will be a girl’s voice with some echo and reverb applied. My voice here is dry with no effects or alterations of any kind. Pretty dramatic, don’t you think? Just another piano lesson with Jim.

8 thoughts on “The Young Ones – 01

    • I think the video speaks for itself. I was shocked how good I sounded, so very dramatic. I think it will have a special impact with her young voice instead of mine. The rebelliousness of youth is what I’m playing at. It is an experiment to see how she reacts in front of a microphone in a studio-like setting. I want her to speak first to get a feel for things and this spoken introduction will be the beginning of a song. She must learn to walk before she runs. This is her first step into the spotlight. I told her this is just for fun and if it works it works and if it doesn’t it doesn’t. I just want to put it on my blog and if she likes it she can do whatever she wants with it, give it to her friends or whatever. I was firm that if she sold it I want 50% of the net profits. This is going to take a while if only because we will only have a few minutes together each week for this. If it works, she’s a star; if it doesn’t, it’s my fault. Simple.

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